Love Story

Loved To

Hari ini aku comel.

And I wished he could see me today.

Because I think he would have loved to see me today.


Next and Previous Links

Tech talk.

I’ve finally found out why the previous and next entries link didn’t work. It was because of a plugin. Adhesive version 3.2. De-activated that plugin and voila! Now it will no longer be a pain to browse through my older entries. If you scroll down this page, you can see the “Previous Entries” link that has disappeared for too long.

If you click on a single post, you will be able to go forth and back to the previous and subsequent entry.

Just in case you don’t know, there’s this page called “Archives” on the right sidebar, under Pages. It gives you a tree-like look of everything that is in this site.

That is another problem solved! And the most important problem solved!



The Soya Shop

I must tell you about this place before I forget. Been wanting to write this since yesterday but I keep forgetting.

There’s a place in One Utama called The Soya Shop. It’s located at the Lower Ground floor, Old Wing. Little corner shop just opposite Baskin Robbins. I’ve tried the soyabean here a long, long time ago and I find it nice.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I was thinking of where to sit down for a drink and she saw this place and so we thought we’d just settle with this one. The last time I came, they were only selling soya milk and tau foo fah. Now, they have glutinuous rice ball (otherwise known as tong yuen) in 4 different fillings, red bean, lotus, cocunut and chocolate.

It’s basically a bowl of soya milk with 4 glutinuous rice balls in it. I took the one with red bean and my girlfriend ordered the one with lotus. We swapped one glutinuous rice ball with each other so that we could have a taste of both.

And I must say, the first spoon of soya milk that went into my mouth was so good that I told my girlfriend, “This isn’t too sweet.” She was actually saying the same thing to me at about the same time.

And when we got to the part of the glutinuous rice ball, I must say I loved it very very much. It’s very soft. And because the fillings are sweet but the soya milk isn’t that sweet, they complement each other very well. After finishing that bowl of soya milk and tong yuen, I felt so smooth.

I will be going back for more!


Flabby Tummy

People, I have lots of extra fat!

And it’s around the tummy area. It has got lots of extra fats than it is supposed to have. And because it’s around the tummy area, I will not call myself fat because truth is, I’m not. I’m under-weight.

I have been able to cover it well by not wearing skimpy clothes..but as I was arranging my wardrobe just now, I am seeing clothes that will reveal the fatty part of my tummy and so I think it’s about time I do something about it.

I haven’t been exercising. Walking in the park doesn’t seem to help me burn those fats. I think I should start to swim again. The only thing I don’t like about swimming is it ruins my hair. The chlorine. But then I shouldn’t be complaining too much if I would like to get in shape again.

If I’d ever tell anyone that I have a fat tummy, they will not believe me. But I must tell you, it has indeed grown so huge that it’s the biggest piece of fat I’ve ever seen in my whole tummy history. So much so, this morning before I even got out bed, I did sit-ups. I think I’m going to do this until it turns flat again.


Stayed home the whole day. Washed, folded and ironed the clothes. Even though it’s just me, I feel like I’m washing for a family of four. Especially when it came to the ironing part. I’ve been ironing for hours and that I’d have to thank myself for being lazy.

Tomorrow, I’m going to wear a black top and a white skirt. I fell in love with myself while I was trying to see if both of them matches one another.

And I can’t wait to sit at my new place. Think it’s going to be a little colder at the new place but it should be fine.

I can’t wait for Tuesday to come. Wednesday is not a holiday for me but having Tuesday off is more than enough.

*looks at flabby tummy…shakes head*


I Don’t Want to Forget Her

White Shoe

This has got to be one of my favourite shoes ever!

Got them at Sunway Pyramid a few years back. I thought it looked pretty and I still think it looks pretty even though it is showing aging signs and ribbon-dropping-off-sign. It is soft and comfy. It has little holes all around it so it’s always windy down there. And whenever I wear them out, sometimes to work too (when I feel cute), I feel happy.

But I know one day, I’m going to throw her away when she’s no longer wearable. So, I just want to say…Miss Pretty Whites, you’ve been a great pair of shoes! Let’s go see many other places, meet other kind and pretty shoes while we can, okay?