Met an insurance agent today. Although I have yet to get a premium, I’d like to refer her as my insurance agent. She’s a friendly lady, 5 years older, so she’s able to give me some tips.

I don’t really just meet new people like that, more so an insurance agent. But there was just something in her that made me feel comfortable and I just suddenly had the urge to meet someone new.

I already have an insurance plan which Mummy took up for me when I was still studying and of course I do not know anything about insurance back then and not that I’m very well-versed with it now. So, maybe I’m not going to take up another premium, unless it covers something that my existing policy doesn’t cover. I’m actually more interested in savings/investments kind of plan.

Just the other day, while jogging with Pappy at the park, he was talking to me about shares, investments, unit trusts…

He asked, “Grace, how much do you save per month?”

“When I was young, I didn’t know anything about shares or investments. And I didn’t even save my money. So now that I’m learning about it, I want you to learn too because I know it’s good for your future.”

How nice it is if I can have someone to think about my future and protect me. I’m sorry but I haven’t really met anyone who’s like that. Most of the time, I have to worry for the other person and that person is not worried at all! Very sien.

I don’t really know how much I save in a month but I know and make sure I do not overspend more than what I earn. But I think it’s about time to do some “forced” savings. Like opening up another bank account, set aside some money, dump it in and then do not touch it. Must not have any ATM cards linking to that account. It’s just a see-only-no-touch account.

Currently, what I have now is just a basket and it’s not good to put all your eggs in just one basket.

Since I may not end up marrying a rich guy, or that if I ever marry one, he should decide to leave me, or even if I marry one and he’s sticking with me for the rest of our lives, or worse, a husband that I have to feed (seriously, I don’t need this!!!) I think I need to have something to fall back to at any time of my life when things are not so merry.

But maybe it’s not really about that, I think saving money gives me a sense of security and that I enjoy looking at growing numbers in the account.

I’m hungry and I shall go make myself something to eat.

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