The previous night, I was so lonely that I cried. Ya, sometimes it gets to me lah. Staying alone. No one to talk to. Only the television talking to me and then I didn’t want it to talk to me so I switched it off. Thought about my sister. Thought about him. Thought about everything that I do not have to think.

The only convenient way out was to cry. For those of you who have read me long enough, you know me.

So, yesterday I went into the office and a colleague asked me if I went out to catch any chicken last night. A Cantonese way of speaking, if you know what I mean. I told her I didn’t get to catch any. I cannot tell her I cried lah!

Today, she asked me the same question again so I think I must have looked really sleepy.

I will not allow her to ask me that question tomorrow. I’m going to bed early tonight. Drank nen nen already so I think it should help. hehe


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  1. I’ve been living mostly alone since 2002 except for one year when a girlfriend moved in. Since that relationship went south I’ve been on my own again. The solitude can be overwhelming at times. So it doesn’t get to you, do something, anything! Or bribe a friend to come over! It takes a certain type of person who can stay alone for extended periods of time. Make sure you’re occupied.

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