Can’t Think of a Title

Say hello to my new bedsheet. Her name is Emilo Multi. I think she looks prettier than how her name sounds. In April itself, I’ve changed the sheet for 3-4 times. This is so not me. And I suddenly felt like getting a new bedsheet so here goes… I just wanted to buy something. I just want to make myself happy. Sometimes retail therapy works for me. I don’t know lah. I’m just not properly wired at the moment.

Emilo Multi

Girlfriend slept over again and we went for some live music last night. Very nice because I haven’t been going to such places for a long time. I love going to places where there’s a live band..not the too noisy kind. I love going to concerts but there isn’t any that interests me right now…but really, I can’t wait to get my butt to a concert.

Went to IKEA today, to get my IKEA Friends points redeemed.

“Are you the principal card holder?”

“No. I’m a sub-card holder.”

“Only principal card holders are allowed to redeem the points.”

“But my principal card holder is in Sabah and he won’t be coming.”

“No…only the principal card holder can redeem the points.”

You know…I was a bit upset and disappointed. I saw that coming actually because I had earlier called Alliance Bank and they said only the principal card holder is able to redeem the point. And when I was queueing up, a lady, just like me, faced the same problem. And I heard her saying something like her principal card holder is “offshore”.

Aku tak suka. Isn’t the sub-card holder linked to the principal card holder…so why can’t I redeem the points?

Pappy, the principal cardholder, please fly to KL as soon as you can!

NTV7’s The Breakfast Show was at The Curve. The hosts, Daphne Iking and Naz were there. They wanted to get 5 people to do an impersonation of Madonna – just dancing, and Naz went down to the crowd to get some people up to the stage. He tried to get the guy standing next to us to go up but he didn’t want to. Naz then looked at me and said, “How are you?” then he gave me this really nice, happy smile…”You look like a sporty person.”

He wanted me up the stage but I didn’t want to. You can ask me to go up to the stage and talk a bit or answer some questions but NOT DANCING LAH! I’m just not made for that, especially on the stage where everyone will be focusing just on me. tak boleh.

Daphne managed to get someone else and Naz then looked at me and gave me a cute frown.

Anyway, it was nice to have my girlfriend around. Especially this weekend since I’m a bit offbeat. We weren’t really that close but now we are. Maybe because both of us are not in a relationship right now so we have something in common and I like talking to her. Sometimes she can be really funny. And I don’t mind going to the places she want to go, doing the things she want to do and likewise for her.

Tomorrow I want to look pretty at work.

And I want to be normal again soon.

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