Random Thoughts

I don’t feel like sleeping so allow me to babble…

I’m listening to Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” and I think this is a very nice song. I’ve heard this song before but never really bothered to know who’s the singer to it, not even the title to the song. But after last night when a guy sang this song, it sounded so good that I had to download it.

?? ‘s ????? is also a bloody good song.

I’m the kind of person who would go to the world’s end and download a song that I like, a song that I’ve just listened to. Of course, I don’t always succeed all the time.

Last night, I saw someone who looked like him. Shit. He was sitting 45 degrees to my left. Shit.

But I am still okay.

I like to see guys in striped long sleeve shirt. Totally kills. Interviewed a colleague about it and she shares the same sentiment. I also like to see a guy in a pink long sleeve shirt. Not many guys wear pink shirts and not every guy can wear a pink shirt and look good in it. While some guys or perhaps some girls may think that a guy wearing pink is sissy, I think otherwise. To have a man wearing pink and looking good in it, is so MAN!

I love romantic people.

Come to think of it, who doesn’t?

I love it when he holds my hand in the car while he’s driving.

Why must I always think about him?

Grace, stop!


The flower from my shoes came off and I think it still looks good without the flower. I’m not going to take out the flower from the other pair of shoe. I’m just going to wear it as it is. It’s…you know…style.

Saw a golden retriever puppy today with such adorable, pitiful eyes that melt my heart.

I can actually be very lazy.

I can actually procrastinate.

A friend is sending me a photo taken during his Primary 6 school days and said if I can recognise him in the picture, he’s going to get me a present.

I didn’t guess it correctly though.

It’s 12.31pm.

I ought to get to bed.

“Wish you a good night. Wake up be sok foh”

Another friend just greeted me good night saying that.

nitey nite.

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