That Corner

I am happy by the end of my working hour. I’ve moved place in the office. From the centre front to a corner at the back. I like.

It feels like I own a small corner to myself even though I’m not the only one to that corner. Before this, I have people sitting left, right, front and back of me. Now, I cannot see the person sitting in front of me unless he decides to bring up the blinds of the room. No one sitting to the left because it’s a corridor. The person sitting at the back of me has her back facing mine. It’s not really corner corner. But a table away from the corner. And my right neighbour moved with me as well and now still sitting to my right. She’s got the corner corner. My English sucks tonight.

I think a change of the sitting place would do me some good. I was feeling a little excited when I sat at the new place. The other thing that I like is that if I need to see something green, I just need to tilt my head to the window and let the eyes absorb the green screnery outside.

You have a nice weekend! 🙂

Alice in Wonderland

I was bored and I went around to take some pictures and I just realised that my house is like a playground.

Playground 1

Playground 2

Picture #1: A frisbee. I don’t know where Iris got it. The Kuku Malu Board. Got it from Jusco. I didn’t buy it. Iris did. Those writing on the board, it’s hers too. It was written so that before I go to work, I read that line. It was written when I was working in a call centre, where things get can unhappy sometimes.

Picture #2: A bear given by either Mummy or Pappy. I think it’s from the cosmetics, Avon, but I don’t really remember. The middle brown dog is from the “evil” cousin sister. The black dog wasn’t given by anyone. I adopted it. It was found downstairs at the car park. I didn’t want it to be a stray dog so I took it home. Now, he has a home. He has a brown friend hanging next to him. And they live happily ever after with Mama Bear.

Today. My name is Alice.

I’ll get Grace for you. Tomorrow.

Happiness Is …#30

Sticking Biore Pore Pack cleansing strip on my nose.

Wait for 10-15 minutes. Peel it off from the nose and then admire the whiteheads and blackheads adhered to the strip.

Like looking at it from far isn’t enough. You’ve got to look really close, hold strip so that it is of the same level as your eyes and you see so much more whiteheads.

Only those who uses Biore Pore Pack will know what I’m talking about!

And did you know that Biore Pore Pack for men has got a longer strip? For extra coverage. I used it for the first time yesterday. Thanks to the girlfriend for the tip-off.