Love Story


I like it when he rants and whines to me. It is a way to understand him better.

Today I shouted “YAY!!!” in the car so very loudly after hanging up. Macam budak-budak. He called and asked if I want to have dinner with him.

Of course I want to.

I can even fly to the moon.



Pappy and I were walking to our dinner place in One Utama and I bumped into a poster saying there’s a new Japanese restaurant. So I told Pappy, “Let’s go!”

SUSHIGROOVE is a very unique Japanese restaurant. It looked more like a bar to me because it’s darker than any other normal Japanese restaurant. You will love the small plates or what you call…side dishes. It’s just one of a kind. I didn’t really enjoy the Tori Chicken rice that I had but that aside, everything was good.

Came back home to watch Dreamgirls. The Sony player just wouldn’t read the last quarter of it a few days ago which left me feeling frustrated because I was already towards the end of the movie. Pappy bought a new DVD player yesterday. Cheaper and has a brand that I don’t know of…but it doesn’t really matter to me so long as it plays the DVDs.

So, I managed to watch Dreamgirls right to the very end and I love it very much. I think Beyonce is pretty. Jennifer Hudson has got a very powerful voice and the songs…I love them.

It has been a week since I last saw him.


Pusing Pusing

Last year, the driver who took us around while we were in Bali said, “We Malaysians like to use the word “pusing pusing” to say “Please take me around Bali”.

At first, he didn’t know why we would want to go pusing because pusing actually meant something else. Spin. Pusing pusing = head spinning. Means…pening. So he thought we wanted him to make our heads spin.

So funny!

Anyway, my head really spinned today. I left work feeling dizzy ( I wouldn’t want to go in length of what happened) and I had to focus on my one hour drive from Cyberjaya to Kepong. I actually love how my car is cruising on the road, after the scheduled car service. Costs a bomb. Changed to a new battery because I sensed something was wrong, the car acting like it has a sorethroat. Service guy confirmed that battery is weak…so better changed it before I get stranded somewhere alone …in the dark.

Reached dinner place and had to sit down and try to make head stop spinning while listening to Pappy arguing with his friend during dinner. Sometimes I think arguing is his hobby, especially when it’s accompanied with beer. And I totally hate when it happens and when I have to sit through it.

End of rant.

This has got nothing to do with the story above.




Not writing long tonight because I’ve just upgraded to the latest WordPress Version 2.2 also known as Getz. Named after a tenor saxophonist. Getz…is also the name of my car.


Love Story

That Is Why He’s So Special To Me

From time to time, this scene from the past flashes back into my mind. And everytime I think about it, I think it is wonderful to have somebody to love.


The lecturer wanted us to form a group of 3 for an assignment. Because it was still the start of a new semester in college, I barely knew everyone in class. I only have a friend with me who is also my housemate, hometown mate and ex-schoolmate.

Both of us were standing together, looking around in class, trying to look for a 3rd person.

A guy came up to us. The same guy whom I’ve caught staring at me in the class.

“Hello, my name is D.”

He said while reaching out his hand to shake hands with me.

“Can I join your group?”

My friend was hesitant about having him as a group member. Reason being we don’t know him well enough if he’s going to just be in the group and not do any work. But I already said yes so she didn’t have much of a choice to disagree and that if she does, we still don’t have a 3rd person to make us a company of 3.

That was how our friendship started.

He will always sit next to me. Whether it’s at the canteen or outside the examination hall. On a late weekend afternoon, sometimes we’ll go to the playground and sit on the swing while we talked. Sometimes, he’ll walk to my house to get me and then we’ll walk to the mamak stall together at 3 in the morning. It was also during one of the walking to the mamak stall that he first held my hand. Very nice.

There was one night when he was walking me home that it started to drizzle.

“I’ll get sick if we walk in the rain like that.” I said. I was just saying it as it is but I guess he took it very seriously.

He started pulling off his shirt and covered my head with it.


He put on his shirt again. Even though I thought he was out of his mind, I can’t help but feel that’s very sweet of him.

You have no idea what that action did to my heart. It melted with the rain. Forever yours.

Talking about rain, there was once when he walked to my house, carrying a box with computer speakers. It started raining heavily before he could reach my house. To make things worse, he didn’t carry his handphone with him. The only way he could get me to open the gate was to shout my name. I was in my room upstairs and with a rain like that, I couldn’t hear him shouting.

“I even shouted your full name!” He later explained when he got in. I did not open the gate for him. Guess what he did? He climbed over the fence and I have no idea how he did it. He then knocked on the door loudly and that was how I knew I have a visitor.

Wet and bleeding a little. He got himself hurt during the fence-climbing process. sakit hati aku. sakit hati aku.


Along the way, we went our separate ways. We dated other people. Sometimes he’ll appear and then he’ll disappear. Loved him. Hated him. I don’t know what lies beyond but I love him. I love him.