Throwing Things Away

… can be quite therapeutic.

My house is indeed full of things. It is messier now that I’m taking things out to see if it’s to stay or to go into the bin. But, very soon, it’s going to look neat and tidy again. While I was re-arranging my stuff, I suddenly thought of hanging some photos on the white board. Remember the “wall” where I hang the frisbee, the little white board and those toys? Ya, I was thinking of putting some photographs there, with IKEA wooden photo frame..or maybe the white frame. Revamp that “wall” a bit.

I’ll put 4 individual photos, Pappy’s (A photo I took for him in Bali), Mummy’s, Iris’s and mine (A self-shot black and white photo taken one day when I was plain bored but actually turned out to look quite interesting.) Then, maybe a family photo of 4. And whatever that’s nice…#1:Iris hugging Pappy and then they did a kissing pose while looking at the camera, #2: Pappy and me both holding to our beer glasses taken in South Korea, #3: Mummy, Iris and me in our “cheong-sam” top taken during Chinese New Year a few years ago.

I will need to go through those photo albums and pick the best to be featured. I’ll show you the new “wall” when it’s done, okay? Guess it will take some time. But I can’t wait!

Aku suka buat benda-benda macam ni.

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