I Want To Rant And This Is Going To Be Ugly!

I hate people who have a problem with people who can afford to buy something. They make you feel so guilty or so wrong about having the ability to afford to pay for something that they can’t.

It can be a car. I don’t own my car because I didn’t pay for it. I only pay for petrol and service that the car needs. Pappy bought it for me when I just started working because he’s thoughtful. But there are people who make you feel so wrong about having a car which you didn’t pay for. Then, they look at you like you come from the outer space. I wouldn’t need to lie and tell you I paid for my car just to make you feel better.

And then there’s this issue about food. We are free to eat what we like but there are people who have a trouble with it too. Imagine yourself enjoying a meal when suddenly someone just got to comment about it.

“Why are you eating this? This is so expensive.” Whatever you eat, they will say it’s expensive unless they see you with a glass of water and munching on white bread. But you know, then, they will ask you another question, “Got no money to eat rice?”

Either way, these people practically have a problem with something that’s none of their business. Not that they are paying for my meals. So I don’t know why they can’t just keep their mouth shut while I eat. I guess they like the idea of seeing me swallow my food like it’s so sinful to eat.

I wouldn’t go up to someone and tell him/her, “Why are you eating such cheap food?”. I wouldn’t go up to someone having a fine meal and tell him/her, “You shouldn’t waste your money in eating such fine food.”

I wouldn’t go to someone and tell him/her, “This car is so expensive, how could you even think of buying it?”

Know why? Because everyone’s affordability level is different. Some people can afford it. Some people can’t. It doesn’t mean that if you can’t, you have the right to criticise someone who can afford to pay. And worse, make them feel bad or illustrate that it’s wrong to be well-to-do and that everyone should only eat roti canai and nothing else.


3 responses to “I Want To Rant And This Is Going To Be Ugly!”

  1. Mostly is Chinese would utter such bloody sentence which makes you feeling guilty for being well to do.
    We earn and we spend, a very ordinary and personal leisure of lifestyle. I’m absolutely agreed with you man.

  2. Those sort of people are just unhappy and insecure about who they are and their lives. Take it all with a pinch of salt and think positively. LoL. They just wish their lives are more like yours. 🙂

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