I Don’t Like To Eat Alone

I am tired.

Learnt new things at work today so I’m happy.

After work, went to have dinner with a colleague, who won’t be leaving the office late tonight. In fact, at this time of writing 9:47pm, she’s still in the office.

She suggested us to go to MMU campus for dinner. So, I said okay. I’m always okay with going to new places because it’s like learning something new. It feels a bit weird, maybe because I feel that I’m not a student.

Then, I sent her to her boyfriend’s workplace which is just a stone’s throw away, to deliver food. It’s my 2nd time doing this, sending her to deliver food for her beloved one. The boyfriend works very long hours at times and because she follows his car home, she would have to wait till he finishes his work.

Since I’m alone and not knowing what to have dinner tonight and not wanting to have dinner alone tonight, we had dinner together.

After delivering food, I send her back to the office before I drove home.

Came home and switched on the study room light to be greeted by Mr.Big Cockroach. Took aerosol spray and aim at Mr.Big Cockroach. And because I don’t like and am afraid of cockroaches, especially when they are in my house, I make sure I spray more than enough to kill the cockroach.

She’s finally leaving at 10:07pm.

I’m actually looking forward so much for tomorrow. This week seems to be a short working week. I just want to make my house a little nicer and tidier. It has been a long time since I really shower the house with some love.

I am bored.

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