Semalam Punya Dinner

Steamed Egg with Minced Pork

Look like cheese cake or not?

9 responses to “Semalam Punya Dinner”

  1. charlene, u are so good in observation huh? i never notice it until u mentioned!

    haha, luckily it’s not gracie kissing the lucky guy :d/

  2. Charlene: The reflection is some siao cha bor taking picture of what she’s going put into her stomach.

    Rach: When kissing, there’s no hand to hold a camera! Haha!

  3. Gracie: Wah…that doesn’t seemed like you were taking the picture. I thought it was your ducky. 😀 Also, I agree with you. When kissing where got hand to hold the camera? Rach so experienced takkan you don’t know?

  4. Charlene: Oh, my ducky is always busy sleeping. Now only I know that Rach is so experienced. Can multitask. kekeke

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