Love You 2

I am happy that the message was sent with the words “Love You” because you have no idea how that two words have changed things a little. 🙂

Knowing me, I’m just not the kind who would tell someone I love him unless he says it first. It’s like I’ve got to be sure of how he feels before I tell him how I feel. But with him, I don’t think I want to keep those two words inside for too long. It is also hard to contain a feeling that’s so strong. So, yea, it’s out now.

We went to watch Spidey 3 the day before. I appreciate him making time despite his busy schedule. Whenever I meet him, most of the time, he will tell me he’s tired and I know he’s tired. So whenever I look at his tired face or body, I can’t help but feel sakit hati about it. I mean I do want to see him and meet him but at the same time, I’d hope he will just go home and have a good rest.

I am happy for the past few days even though I was also very stressed and very occupied with work which explains why I haven’t been writing.

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