Pusing Pusing

Last year, the driver who took us around while we were in Bali said, “We Malaysians like to use the word “pusing pusing” to say “Please take me around Bali”.

At first, he didn’t know why we would want to go pusing because pusing actually meant something else. Spin. Pusing pusing = head spinning. Means…pening. So he thought we wanted him to make our heads spin.

So funny!

Anyway, my head really spinned today. I left work feeling dizzy ( I wouldn’t want to go in length of what happened) and I had to focus on my one hour drive from Cyberjaya to Kepong. I actually love how my car is cruising on the road, after the scheduled car service. Costs a bomb. Changed to a new battery because I sensed something was wrong, the car acting like it has a sorethroat. Service guy confirmed that battery is weak…so better changed it before I get stranded somewhere alone …in the dark.

Reached dinner place and had to sit down and try to make head stop spinning while listening to Pappy arguing with his friend during dinner. Sometimes I think arguing is his hobby, especially when it’s accompanied with beer. And I totally hate when it happens and when I have to sit through it.

End of rant.

This has got nothing to do with the story above.


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