Pappy and I were walking to our dinner place in One Utama and I bumped into a poster saying there’s a new Japanese restaurant. So I told Pappy, “Let’s go!”

SUSHIGROOVE is a very unique Japanese restaurant. It looked more like a bar to me because it’s darker than any other normal Japanese restaurant. You will love the small plates or what you call…side dishes. It’s just one of a kind. I didn’t really enjoy the Tori Chicken rice that I had but that aside, everything was good.

Came back home to watch Dreamgirls. The Sony player just wouldn’t read the last quarter of it a few days ago which left me feeling frustrated because I was already towards the end of the movie. Pappy bought a new DVD player yesterday. Cheaper and has a brand that I don’t know of…but it doesn’t really matter to me so long as it plays the DVDs.

So, I managed to watch Dreamgirls right to the very end and I love it very much. I think Beyonce is pretty. Jennifer Hudson has got a very powerful voice and the songs…I love them.

It has been a week since I last saw him.

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