I Love This Cat!

Puss In Boots

The only thing I like about Shrek is Puss in Boots and Donkey!

I still love Shrek the first. I didn’t like Shrek the second, except for the Puss showing pitiful look part. Shrek the third was better than the second. But I still like Shrek the first.

8 responses to “I Love This Cat!”

  1. nathan: I liked that part too which is why you see the picture above because it’s from that particular scene. He said I love you…and you..and You….oh..and you!

    bobo: I watched Shrek 1 for more than 10 times.

  2. i love you and you… and you… and you… and oh you… and puss you are doomed… hahahaha

  3. not okay lo… tired… sleepy… but i do like the part where all the cats started to meow meow meow and puss quickly jumped on to the boat… ehhehe:x

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