Puss in No Boots

I locked the house door, turned around and saw a kitten standing to the right, on the staircase.

So, I said “Hello” and smiled.

Kitten must have understood the hello and taken my smile as being friendly, it walked up to me. To my shoes.

It started to make a few rounds around my feet and then started rubbing its body against my leg. So I know kitty wants to play but Gracie has to go to work. But I thought just playing with her for a while would make its day. Actually, I didn’t do anything. It started lying on the floor, four legs up, showing me its face, turning and tossing against my shoes.

Then, I walked down the stairs because I really need to get to work.

So, I said “Bye Bye” while waving my hands. Kitty must have understood my “Bye Bye” and must have mistaken hands waving as “Please follow me.”

Kitty followed me while I walked down the stairs!!!!

I laughed.

This kitty is clever. For each step I take, it will follow closely and it walks down in a zig-zag manner so I had to be really careful taking each step down. It is a sign of not wanting to let me go. For a few times, it jumped from one step to the other step down, knocking against my leg.

I finally came to the end of the staircase and then I RAN to my car, hoping that kitty would not see me.

Kitty RAN with me!!!!

So, I was now standing next to the car door and was thinking hard of how to get into the car. For sure, if I’d just go in like that, kitty would certainly jump into the car. And I cannot drive a cat to work.

So I thought…”Okay, I’ll play with you a bit longer.” Hoping that kitty would be satisfied and would leave me to go to work.

But it didn’t happen that way. Kitty began putting its front paws on the pillar next to my car and looked up at me, as if trying to say, “Please play with me!”

Then, it walked a few steps away to the back tyre. I have no idea why but I immediately jumped into the car.

While I was closing the car down, kitty ran back and was standing next to the car door. I could see her face through the little gap in between me closing the car door.

It read, “How could you do this to me?”

I started the car engine. Waited for a while. Wind down the window, checked all tyres to make sure kitty is not standing anywhere near it. I do not want to kill a cat.

When all’s clear, I reversed and went to work.

I don’t know why I get very excited over things like this. I went to work and a colleague asked me if I couldn’t wake up (because I came to work later than usual but I wasn’t late), I told her about the cat. I called Mummy because it’s her birthday today and I told her about the cat. I called him so that he will have a good day at work and I told him about the cat. Then, I just had to tell another colleague about the cat. Now I’m home and I have to tell you about the cat!


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