Busy Busy

Okay, people.

I’ve been very busy, driving around, transporting the whole family to get things done. I took UNPAID leave yesterday to spend more time with Iris who just flew back to UK this afternoon. I also took half day today to send her to the airport, together with Mummy and Pappy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t cry. I think she’s going do just fine and I know she’s in good hands…so I’m not too worried about that. My little sister is all grown up. Thanks to the exposure she gets while she’s studying overseas, I think she will slowly morph into one fine lady. Of course, the comparison did set in, when I look at myself and I look at her. I don’t know how to put it into words but it’s a feeling like your little sister has grown up but you are still the same.

Went to watch Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 in Putrajaya last Saturday. It wasn’t a very good choice to be driving to Putrajaya to watch the fireworks because there is just way too many cars. Going was still fine. It was the leaving Putrajaya part which is torturing. It actually took me 3 hours to get home from Putrajaya, which normally only take an hour.

Can you imagine watching the fireworks which ended at 10:20pm and you leave immediately after that (I wasn’t even close to Putrajaya International Convention Centre – PICC – they blocked the road, which they re-opened after that, but I couldn’t get in already because I parked somewhere else (I don’t know where it is also)) . And yet, at 12 midnight, you are still stuck in Putrajaya because the traffic came to a complete STANDSTILL.

I would suggest to park somewhere other than Putrajaya. Cyberjaya would be a better option. And you somehow need to know which are the good spots so that you can see fireworks coming out from two firing zones. I only got to see the left hand side one and only the high ones. The low firing fireworks (I’m not sure if I got that grammatically correct but I cannot think now because I’m too tired) weren’t really visible.

My Internet died again last night due to my itchy hands. Iris bought a new laptop and wanted to connect to the wireless network I have at home. The thing is I don’t remember the password to this wireless network of mine….so I cleverly reset the Wireless Broadband Router, even knowing that I don’t know how to set it back again. Sometimes, you just happen to do things you know you shouldn’t do. Happens, no?

Called a friend just now which helped me to reset everything but without the wireless broadband router. I don’t really need it now since I’m the only one using the Internet. Thank you Nathan. You’re a genius and I’m going to spend you lunch.

It’s time for bed. I hope I get to blog again tomorrow, if time permits.

P/S: If you have a mini Malaysian flag glued on your car and if you drive about 120 kph to KLIA, the flag will come off, which happened to mine. I’m now flagless. *sigh*

Radio Station

If you have a passenger that you drive to and back from work, or just having a passenger in your car, do you tune in to your favourite radio station or you tune in to something you think your passenger would love to listen to?


Today is not a very good day at work for me. I don’t know if I am morphing into a less loveable creature because lately I noticed that my temper is getting shorter. I don’t roar or clench my fist. I would still try to appear calm but inside me, it feels like my blood is boiling. My face can be an open-book sometimes when I’m really annoyed, it shows. No matter how I try to cover it, it still shows somehow. Best described as “it looks like shit”.

And it’s during times like these that I need to talk/rant/express about it in an instant. So, I go hunting for victims that are online on Windows Live Messenger and pour it all out to them. Coming to think of it, having at least one friend to listen to your cries and unhappiness is something to be happy about. I was then half-cured.

Went to watch Ratatouille with pretty sis and super mom after work, which then cured me fully. Remy, the mouse below, is very cute!


Proton-BWF World Championships

I went to watch badminton over the weekend with Mummy and Iris. The Proton-BWF World Championships Kuala Lumpur 2007 was held at Bukit Jalil. We were there to watch the semi-finals and finals. There was only one remaining Malaysian doubles team (Choong Tan Fook- Lee Wan Wah) left , which didn’t make it to the finals. But at least, there was still a Malaysian team to watch.

Enjoyed watching Lin Dan and Sony Dwi Kuncoro. Sony has got this undying spirit and Lin Dan has the magic of returning every shot thrown to him. He goes the extra mile, even if he has to dive towards the ground to lift the shuttle cock back to his opponent. In the event that he misses a shot after doing the dive, he lies down on the court, with all four arms and legs, before picking himself up again.

Cannot write further because it is past bedtime…so I’ll just show you some photos.

Click to enlarge images!

Proton-BWF World Championships


Proton-BWF World Championships Proton-BWF World Championships


Proton-BWF World Championships
Proton-BWF World Championships
Proton-BWF World Championships
Proton-BWF World Championships
Proton-BWF World Championships
Proton-BWF World Championships