Welcome Back FOo FOo!

This is Foo Foo. She has spent almost a year abroad, away from me, because Iris stole it away from me. She took her to Cardiff with her, stayed with her in a room of a student house. Foo Foo is dirtier now, not as white as she used to be but still very adorable. Makes you feel very happy just looking at her.

I wake up very early when I spent my holiday in UK because it gets bright say….4’o clock in the morning? And only gets dark at 10 o’clock at night during summer? I cannot sleep long when it gets bright. I was sleeping next to Iris, on her queen-sized bed, in a new rented place and when it got a little bright, I woke up around 6 something and couldn’t sleep anymore.

Having nothing to do because everyone’s still asleep, I took out my camera and took some photos of Foo Foo. This is my current wallpaper on my computer at home and at work.

Foo Foo in Cardiff

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