Yong Mek Mek

A friend told me I look gullible. Asked me if I know what a “yong mek mek” is because I look like one.

define:gullible. The result is fleeceable: naive and easily deceived or tricked;

define: yong mek mek. LAMB.

Do I really look like a “yong mek mek”?

And with that, it brings me back to 28 July 2007 where we were shopping at Tesco, Bayswater. We were waiting by the side of the queue for Pappy to buy his lottery. He is trying his luck on the Euro Millions lottery, so that we can go for another UK trip. (But honestly, enough of UK for me now.)

Standing in the line was a lady from Sudan who started a conversation with Mummy.

“You’ve got two beautiful daughters!” She said with a smile.

I smiled too. Who wouldn’t, upon hearing the word “beautiful”?

“How old are they?”

Mummy asked her to guess.

She took a good look at us and said, “15 and 17”.

15 and 17 wei! 😀

“They are 22 and 25.”

“NO WAY!” The Sudanese lady didn’t want to believe it and then she kept insisting my mum is 35 years old.

She turned around and greeted a Pakistani.

“Mualaikum salam.”

This Pakistani guy said he has a Pakistani background and an English foreground. I’m not pretty sure what that means.

The Sudanese lady then asked the Pakistani if he believed what my mum just said.

He looked at both of us again, hesitated and said, “No”.

Pappy is almost done with his lottery and as we walked away towards the exit. A man standing at the back of the line smiled to Mummy. He is from South Africa.

If you want to meet people from all over the world, go to London! I’ve never seen such a diverse and cosmopolitan place.

On a sidenote, I like Tesco in the UK very very much. I have been to several Tesco outlets throughout my trip and everytime I step into a Tesco, I get very happy and excited. I love looking at the chocolate bars, the biscuits. The juices, milk…everything! The chips!

I also love going to Boots and Superdrug, both of which are pharmacies. Like our Guardian in Malaysia. I also like WHSmith.

Actually, I just love getting into a supermarket.


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