Radio Station

If you have a passenger that you drive to and back from work, or just having a passenger in your car, do you tune in to your favourite radio station or you tune in to something you think your passenger would love to listen to?


  1. I’m gonna make the passenger blend in to my fav. station… i alwayz believe in my taste..!! hahaha *wink*:)>-

  2. previously i would tune to something i think they might like. now i tune to my fav station and who knows my passenger might fall in love with the radio station eventually…… 🙂

  3. I always find myself tuning in to something that I think my passenger would like. It’s only after they get off that I tune in to something that I like.

    Radio station aside, I sometimes play a certain song repeatedly on the CD player and this can only be done when I’m driving alone, or else my passenger(s) will suffer! :d

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