Like Sugar

I was feeling very sleepy in the office today. But when he called, I suddenly felt wide awake. And I was feeling very happy. So happy that I was smiling at the computer screen and can’t help squeezing my face and eyes, because it’s so sweet!

Meeting him is like striking lottery or jackpot. Sometimes you will find me screaming in the car after answering a call. It’s not because I’ve gone crazy but because he’s ask me out for dinner or movie or just simply asking me out. Sometimes when I’m at home and I know he’s coming, I’ll jump. You know? Up and down? Haha.

He’s not happy today so I sat down next to him and listened quietly. God, please protect this sweetheart of mine.

Tony Roma’s

I accompanied Mummy to her friend’s house for steamboat. It was nice. There were four mothers, which includes two Chinese ladies both married to Japanese men. They can speak English, Malay, Chinese and also Japanese. Very impressive. I was the odd one out because the others were children and I was seen seated with all the mothers, listening to their stories. One of the mothers saw me for the first time last night and she said to my mum, “Your daughter is very big.”

“Guess how old she is?” Mum asked her.

“How old is she?”

“How old are you? Tell her.” Mum said to me.

So, I looked at her and told her I was 25.

She looked at me with such big eyes, very surprised.

“I thought you are a teenager.”

And suddenly, I felt like a budak-budak.

I then came home to find Pappy in the bedroom. Mummy opened the door to check if he’s fast asleep. He turned around and greeted us. He then started telling us he’s got two objectives. One is about celebrating his birthday, the other is celebrating his wedding anniversary.

Pappy sometimes wants people to read his mind. I’ve asked him several times of what he meant by celebrating his birthday as one of his objectives as all of us, as a family always celebrate birthdays every year without fail. I’m a very simple person where I’m happiest when I celebrate with my family or a small circle of people close to me. I don’t need a big birthday bash. I don’t think I’ve had one anyway.

Pappy on the other hand, loves the attention, loves the crowd so what I could actually think of is..maybe he wanted something bigger this year. He asked me if he were to celebrate it here or back in Sandakan. I told him I’m fine with both and I can always celebrate with him in advance, for example today and then he can have another celebration in Sandakan. He then asked me if I could fly back to Sandakan just for one night and then fly back to KL.

I didn’t feel like doing so, not because I don’t love him but I’ve got to work and that I think he’s here now and I was planning to buy him lunch/dinner. Of course, I do feel worried that Pappy would see me as not loving, not caring. I don’t know how to put it but there’s always this pressure where you feel you are not doing enough as a daughter. The feeling intensifies when in any day or situation where I find that they are not pleased, sometimes not entirely because of me, but because of the circumstances.

Just like today, I wanted to buy Pappy lunch.

He laughed when I said, “Pa, last night you were angry right? Today I buy you lunch ok?”

I thought it was going to be okay. He wouldn’t be angry anymore. It was almost 1pm then and Mum had earlier mentioned that she wanted to see Vince Chong and Jaclyn Victor appearing live in One Utama. Don’t ask me why but we went to watch High School Musical 2 in which Vince and Jaclyn made appearances. I asked Pappy is he was hungry and that he could wait. He said he’s fine so we went for the performance. It started 20 minutes later than scheduled and Pappy didn’t like waiting. He can be quite short-tempered at times and most of the time, he wants things quick. Yes, sometimes he can be unreasonable. I somehow knew this was going to happen.

So there comes this situation where I don’t know who to please. To stay and wait with mum till she says she’s done with watching the show or I insist that we go for lunch so that Pappy would be please but then that would mean I would make Mum not very pleased (because she said she didn’t want to eat first, she was still full.)

In the end, Pappy told me he’s going back and we could carry on. I felt bad, really.

My plan of buying him lunch has been washed down the drain. But I knew I had to make it up to him. I went to search for a birthday gift for him and vowed to myself that no matter what I’m going to buy him dinner tonight, even though his birthday is still one week away.

We had dinner at Tony Roma’s tonight. I gave him two choices, either to have Japanese or Western. I know he likes to eat something special on special occasions, although I know Mum don’t really fancy Western. Japanese is still okay with her but she prefers Chinese. Again, it’s hard to please both of them at the same time but I wanted Pappy to make a choice since I’m treating him dinner tonight and I wanted him to pick something that he’d enjoy.

Then, I was afraid that Mum would complain about the food, just in case it wasn’t to her liking. Sometimes it gets a little stressful just thinking of where to eat because everyone seem to have difference preferences. Choosing Chinese food is always the safest but can also get complicated. So, I do miss the time when Iris is here and we can just go eat whatever that we like. We are not really so choosy and picky. We settle with anything as long as it is nice or at least okay to us. And we don’t have to worry if either one of us or both of us eat at a new place and find the food not tasty. We just comment about it and then forget about it once we satisfy our tummy.

Anyway, even though I’ve specified that I’m going to buy him dinner, as in the bill is mine, Pappy insisted he pays tonight and told me, “Don’t worry. It’s the thought that counts.”

Again, I felt like I’ve not done enough.

And I hope you managed to decipher this complicated (political perhaps?) entry.

I’m going to bed and hoping everyone will wake up happy tomorrow.

Pavilion KL

Pappy is here again and we went to the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur today. Wanted to drive up to Jalan Imbi after passing Times Square but there was a road closure so all traffic was diverted to go through Sungei Wang. And because I’m not very familiar with the roads there, I parked at Bukit Bintang Plaza and then took a walk to Pavilion, which isn’t very far away.

We got free shopping directory and bottled water from the concierge. We then went to Yo! Sushi for lunch. It was until I saw the menu that I remembered patronizing this Japanese restaurant before and it was in London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3. It tasted very good when we were there in London Airport because we hadn’t had Japanese food for quite some time (especially so for Iris who has not had Japanese food for almost a year…so everything tasted very good.) It was actually the last Asian food we had before boarding the plane back to Malaysia.

Yo! Sushi serves unlimited miso soup and green tea. Miso soup is RM5 per bowl. Green tea is also priced at RM5 per glass. So what we need was to order a bowl of miso soup and a glass of green tea to be shared by all (since it can be refilled anyway). Imagine ordering 3 bowls of miso soup and 3 glasses of green tea, that would costs us RM30.

The food is okay. Can be a little pricey. I don’t recall seeing any set meals in the menu, all of them come in small plates. I still prefer Sakae Sushi.

We didn’t walk the whole Pavilion as Pappy doesn’t really like to go jalan-jalan like that in a shopping mall so most of the time, it’s just lunch or dinner, walk for a while and it’s time to head home. So when both my parents are around, I got to fit in to their schedules, requirements and taste buds. Sometimes it’s not all rosy, which would bring me to tell you about another saga in my next entry.


I am saddenned to know that the girl whose body was found in the bag is that of Nurin Jazlin. It was around 2 something in the afternoon that I read about it on The Star online.

The day when they reported about the girl being sexually assaulted and killed, with her photo shown to the public, I feel very disturbed. I slept that night with the image of the girl imprinted in my mind because it’s hard to imagine how painful it is for her go through all that.

I hope that the sicko who did this to her will be captured very soon.