Do one thing everyday that scares you!

Today I became the leading driver for 6 cars that drove at the back of mine. We were all set to attend our ex-manager’s wedding dinner in Jinjang. And since no one knows the way, but me, I had to take the lead, which seemed very stressful at the beginning, thrilling during the driving, contented and happy after the driving and felt it was a fun thing to do after the day ended.

Initially, I didn’t know the way to Jinjang too but I got hold of a friend who stays in Kepong and made him come with me over the weekend, while I drive to locate Jinjang and the restaurant where the wedding will be held.

After work, my colleagues and I, as well as two other ex-colleagues started off from Cyberjaya. I’ve never driven so slowly on LDP but I did today, doing a 60 kilometre per hour which just seemed so torturing. Wanted to go faster but was afraid that the rest couldn’t catch up…so decided to stay put at that slow speed. I think there were cars that were cursing at me, delaying their journey. I’m so sorry people. I didn’t have a choice and I don’t do this everyday.

It was quite funny to see the rest following slowly behind me too because two of my colleagues are very aggressive drivers. Fast and furious.

The difficult part was when we passed through the toll booth, all split up and you got to stick back closely after one another after that. The journey was smooth in that all the cars reached safely at my apartment where they parked some of the cars, merging from 7 cars to just 4 cars. We then continued the journey from my house to Jinjang.

It was a fun night out where I get to dress up a little. Not too much. Just a little since the wedding dinner is on a Monday and I couldn’t bathe and get dressed up at home. I did the changing in the office toilet.

We sat at Table number 7.

7 cars. Table number 7. 7 was the number of the day. 7 is also my favourite number. 7 is also the month I’m born in.


Love Story

I like to write love stories.

I was blow drying my hair when an SMS came in. It’s nice to have your hair washed in the morning, especially if you have long hair because you have the whole day to dry it without the sole dependence on the hair dryer. You won’t understand this unless you have thick and stubborn hair.

I lied down on the bed with my tummy pressing against the bed to read the SMS. I was expecting a friend’s message but it was from him.

Thanks for your understanding girl. When I have problems, you are always with me. And you didn't ask much because you know when's the right timing.

He calls me girl and I call him boy. Sometimes we don’t call each other names, we just hold hands.

He’s back to Ipoh to visit his grandma who was admitted to the ICU. I don’t know when he’ll be back or when I’ll meet him. I lied on the bed, gazing at the phone longer than I ought to. Re-reading the message until I felt satisfied.

He doesn’t usually say things like that. Sometimes I’m like that too. Always trying to act cool even though deep down inside the fire is burning! The most is I’ll write about how much I like him here but it doesn’t always come out from my mouth, having me telling him how I feel.

Don’t you feel that sometimes there is just no words to put to tell someone how much you love him? When saying I love you just isn’t enough?

And I must say..not asking him much about the whys is not easy. It tests my patience and surpresses my curiosity. You tend to be more curious towards people you love and he’s certainly one subject that I find it rather hard to grasp. But I do know that he doesn’t like to be binded tightly and he needs a lot of space. And I mean a lot.

I’m more towards the clingy type if I like you a lot. So, for me not to be too clingy is kinda difficult, which is why sometimes I get very restless when there isn’t much time for us to meet or when we do, time is just so short and that I feel like I haven’t cling to him long enough.

I’m still trying..trying to give him that space while remaining sane.

Today I feel like I’m falling in love with him again.


Today’s a Saturday!



A Long Day

This morning, I waited about half an hour for my colleague at the LRT station. Called him several times but there was no answer. Left a message..and I continued waiting. I did set a time limit where if he doesn’t appear by 8:30am, I’m going to go to work without him…or I’ll be late.

Fortunately, he called by 8:30am telling me he just woke up and his alarm clock wasn’t working. I waited a while more for him while he got ready and walked to the station.

The surprising thing is…I wasn’t angry a single bit. I don’t know why.

It was a very long day in the office and the fact that I was 30 minutes delayed only added to the “longness”.

Left office and was stuck in a jam from Sunway toll onwards again. There was also an accident where a lorry crashed into the Sunway toll office. But that wasn’t the cause of the traffic jam.

I’m sleepy. You have a great weekend and be kind.



Today, I have 54 visitors to my blog. So I just want to say hi.

Days like these are rare because on an average I only have about 15 visitors every day.