Crunchy Rice

Someone said I sounded like a pervert when I wrote the previous entry. :-w


I cooked rice for dinner using a small cooking pot on stove instead of the electric rice cooker. Since it’s just me, I thought I should use the small cooking pot so that I don’t have to wash such a big electric rice cooker that is cooking for only one person.

But I ended up eating crunchy rice…all because I was impatient. And that was because I was hungry!

Seeing that the rice was about to be ready, I actually turned on the stove a little higher to speed up the rice-cooking process but…it got dried up at the bottom, hence the crunchy rice.

Practice and more practice…I should be able to do away with crunchy rice.

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  1. at least u r better than me! i forgot how to cook rice by stove. and when i cook by the rice cooker, sometimes it is crunchy/burn at the bottom too! reason? i put in carrot & broccoli inside. (lazy ass).. or maybe too less water.. i dont know.. i am just lousy at cooking /:)

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