A Long Day

This morning, I waited about half an hour for my colleague at the LRT station. Called him several times but there was no answer. Left a message..and I continued waiting. I did set a time limit where if he doesn’t appear by 8:30am, I’m going to go to work without him…or I’ll be late.

Fortunately, he called by 8:30am telling me he just woke up and his alarm clock wasn’t working. I waited a while more for him while he got ready and walked to the station.

The surprising thing is…I wasn’t angry a single bit. I don’t know why.

It was a very long day in the office and the fact that I was 30 minutes delayed only added to the “longness”.

Left office and was stuck in a jam from Sunway toll onwards again. There was also an accident where a lorry crashed into the Sunway toll office. But that wasn’t the cause of the traffic jam.

I’m sleepy. You have a great weekend and be kind.

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