Making Pao

 Had the same breakfast I had yesterday. Told you I can eat this everyday.

Had lunch at Kampung Buli Sim Sim. That wasn’t my first choice as I had wanted to go to New Century Restaurant in Grandview. But they were closed at about 2 so the next nearest eating place is Sim Sim and so I went again to the same fish selling place. I’ve been here to buy fish with Mummy but I’ve never eaten at the restaurant next door so it’s good to try a new eating place.

After that, it was “pao” making session. Made “choi pao” (vege pao) with my mum. My first time learning how to make pao. It’s no fun doing it alone. Minimum to have 2 persons because it is a lot of work. What I enjoyed best was filling up the pao dough and wrapping it up into a bun.

Dinner was at New Century Restaurant. Yeah, I finally got to dine here. It is one of my favourite restaurants in Sandakan. Had starchy corn soup, clams, prawns, fish and Sabah vege (Shu zai choi), it is a kind of vegetables where you can find it when you eat your pan mee. Usually you only get the leaves but here we have it with the stem as well, which you normally won’t be able to find it in KL. The best part is actually the stem. Big and juicy.

I must say the dinner was so good, it makes me wanna cry. Haha.


Kampung Buli Sim Sim

Today I spent the morning eating “Kon Lou Min”, the best breakfast ever in the world at Mile 1.5 market. I can eat this everyday.

Then, we went to Kampung Buli Sim Sim, I think I’ve blogged about this before but it’s alright. No harm repeating. This is a village where houses are built on stilts. I went to this one house which is the furthest towards the sea than the other houses. They sell fish. The boat goes up to the sea and comes back with fish, crabs, prawns and etc. So, you usually get fresh seafood several times in an hour or so. I was sitting on the bench, enjoying the sea breeze and watching the guys carrying bags of fishes and pouring them out.

This is where my mum gets her seafood. And next to this place is a restaurant, a simple wooden house. So what you do is you pick your fish and you eat next door.

I’ve always loved eating at shabby places. The kind that looks a bit dirty yet you know it’s clean. I don’t know how to explain this but I hope you know what I mean.

The only thing I did while I was in Sandakan is EAT. Seriously, that is the best thing one can do when you’re here. Just eat.

For dinner, we went to Ocean King Seafood Restaurant, and this is by the sea too. Very very crowded tonight. We had dinner with my parent’s friends and their friends. I don’t know half of them but then I was there only for the food. hehehe.


30 Years and Counting…

I took a cab to LCCT today. The taxi driver is Pappy’s new friend. My dad, he talks to every possible taxi driver when he gets on taxis. His favourite ice breaking line would be “Where are you from?” and then when the taxi driver answers him of a place, he would think of some MP or Minister or some political figure from that place and get a topic started on that. It’s interesting to listen to the views of these taxi drivers. Some are very knowledgeable, you know why? Cos when you don’t see them drive, they read newspapers.

How did Pappy met this new taxi driver friend of his? Pappy took a cab from LCCT one day and this guy asked him if he has had lunch. Pappy said no and before you know it, the taxi driver took my dad to Dengkil to have “chap fan”. And coincidentally, he brought Pappy to my favourite “chap fan” stall in Dengkil. I really like that place. It’s located at the corner of Medan Selera Dengkil. Both corners have “chap fan” stalls so look out for the one that says “Peck Wan”. And guess what? The taxi driver treated Pappy to lunch.

And you know what? He treated me lunch today too. He brought me to a place I never knew existed. It’s located opposite of Concorde Inn, where you will see a board that says “Charterfield” and there will be some rows of shop lots. If I’m not mistaken and if my memory is working perfectly fine, road name is Jalan KLIA 1/60, which is the main road leading towards the rows of shop lots. I don’t remember the name of the coffee shop but there’s only one Chinese coffee shop around that place.

We had Wan Tan Mee which he claims to be one of the best Wan Tan Mee around. It was quite nice with big, chewy char siew. Throughout lunch and the ride from my house to the airport, he talked to me about his job, his wife, his 4-year old son and his unborn baby daughter. Quite a nice man actually. Speaks Hokkien but we spoke in Cantonese since I’m not fluent in Hokkien.

When I reached LCCT, I was just in time to check in, visit the toilet and then proceeded to the Departure Hall. The airport is crowded because of the school holidays.

I’m really getting sleepy writing this. Timestamp as of typing up to this point is 11:08pm. I’m going to just breeze through from this point onwards.

The plane took off slightly later than scheduled as there was a missing passenger on board so they had to retrieve his luggage and take it off the plane before we took off. Managed to get a seat next to the aisle, middle seat was left empty, a Malay girl was sitting next to the window. It was a perfect seat, not too cramped and I enjoy my privacy. The only bad thing was it was FRIGGING cold. I don’t know where the cold air was coming from because I had already turned off the air conditioning above me and also the one next to me, where no one is sitting. And because I think I’m strong enough, I didn’t bring any jacket so I had to endure 2 hours and 45 minutes of winter. But fret not, I’m still alive and am very hot now. After 2 hours and 45 minutes, I’m home. Can you believe that? I’m home.

I like that sight of the simple airport as we landed because it has been that way since I’ve started flying. And I hope it would remain like that. Those words SANDAKAN imprinted on the building, reminds me I’m home.

Pappy the dearest came to pick me up in his Toyota Land Cruiser, otherwise affectionately known as “Ninja”. Don’t ask me why but we refer that Land Cruiser here as Ninja. The newer and more expensive models, we call them Ninja King. I don’t know how that name come about but I sat on Pappy’s Ninja and I felt tall. Nice!

Went to have tea with Pappy. Having endured winter, I was feeling a little hungry. Went to have Teh Susu, otherwise affectionately known as “Teh Nai”. We have got to be specific when we order our drinks. Like you can just order Milo but here we always add a syllable after the name of the drink. It’s either Nai for milk, C, O, Kosong or Kau. And you can have Milo Kau Kau Ping.

I can go on and on but it’s 11:24pm now and I’m really sleepy. I’ll breeze through faster now.

Mummy was at home waiting for my arrival, dressed in a really sweet and colourful dress. Shortly after that, we went to Sandakan Yacht Club for the party. 🙂

Most of the guests are Mum’s and Dad’s friends so I sat next to one of Dad’s staff. Her name is Miss Wong. I’ve never been really close to her but tonight we chatted quite a bit.

It was dinner and dance. Mum danced the first dance with her dancing instructor. Dad doesn’t know to dance, else he would have led my mum to the first dance. I don’t dance too. Used to learn but am now rotten. Dancing takes a huge deal of confidence so you either go out there express yourself and dance or stay put in a shell. I am still stuck in my shell for now.

Dad finally got up to dance when the live band played a song where you can dance the Sumazau dance. A dance of the Kadazans. He came to me and ajak me to dance as well. Hehe.

“Happy Anniversary!” I wished both my parents when we were on our way home after the party.

“Thanks for coming”. Pappy said.

“No problem.”

So there goes, my parents are happily married (sometimes they do fight!) for 30 years and I wish them many many years and lots of love to come.


Stomach Cramps

This morning as I was driving out to work, the stomach cramps set in. The kind where you feel like shitting and the cramps comes and you got to stretch your leg or somehow stretch or shrink in some kind of a position to make the pain seem bearable. It normally goes away after a cramp or two but it just didn’t want to go away this morning.

And because of that I had to drive back home to use the toilet. It wasn’t easy trying to control the stomach cramps and controlling the car at the same time. I had to have my legs controlled in such a way that I would brake and accelerate normally but you know what? It was just so difficult just now and because of that I think I strained my veins or muscle. I don’t know what I strained actually but I know when I got to the office and when I was getting up from my seat, it hurt a little.

Anyway, I will be going back to Sandakan tomorrow. It’s a sudden decision made. I wasn’t actually planning to go back as I very much wanted to attend my colleague’s wedding this Sunday. I’ve planned to attend this as early as a month ago. Mum and dad are celebrating their wedding anniversary tomorrow night (actual day is Saturday) and Dad messaged me two nights ago if I can come back.

I just cannot reject that request of his because knowing my dad, he would get upset and I don’t want to upset him. Dad is the kind of person who takes special occasions and celebrations very seriously. For example, he makes sure he must do something on your birthday and likewise, he expects the same in return.

The other reason why I didn’t plan to go back was because I’m left with no annual leaves…so I’m actually taking unpaid leave. I was also planning to save up as much money as I can this month, it went smoothly until when I bought the air tickets to fly back home. RM650 disappeared just like that…something which I could have used to pay for my car service which is due in 10 more days. I know I shouldn’t be calculative to this point but I’ve realised that I’ve gotten stingier. Maybe as you work and you find that money is hard-earned and that living costs is going up and that it’s harder to save money, that’s how you would react.

Do you know that a box of HL milk, my favourite milk, is now RM4.40 instead of the usual RM3.99? I looked at the price tag with much disbelief. And the other day, he ordered a glass of iced milo in the Chinese coffee shop and it costs RM2. I dropped my jaw. A loaf of Gardenia bread was then RM1.90 and now RM2.10.

Do I sound like an auntie now?

Anyway, I should go get packing. It’s late but I’m still not done with the packing but I still have time to blog.

*hammers ownself*


Brain Jam

…cannot write today. Must be the after-shock effects.