Traffic Report

The traffic jam today was horrible. Took me 2 hours to get home.

In the morning, it was bad too, but luckily my lane wasn’t affected as it happened on the opposite side of the road. The cars came to a standstill from Sunway toll right up to the cable bridge. There was a policeman standing in front of the cars and motorcycles, blocking the road, for someone else to pass by but no Very Important Car was visible at that moment. Everyone was waiting for it. A lady must have felt so impatient and restless, she came out of the car, had a good look in front with cars all piled up and not moving, then got back on to her car.

In the evening, with the rain and all, I inched my way back from Sunway toll onwards, with traffic gradually getting heavier from Puchong. By the time I reach home, it was 8:30pm. I cooked and had dinner ready by 9pm, finished my dinner at 9:30pm.

The last hour at work wasn’t pleasant to me. I was a little pissed in fact..but I do not want to go into details about this. While I was fuming, he called. So, before he could say anything else, I ranted to him. hehehe. I think it’s okay lah since he has been ranting to me the past 2 days. He then told me to drive carefully as it is raining very heavily. That was actually the purpose of his call. To tell me to drive carefully on a rainy day. So, he still cares la.

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  1. ahh.thats so sweet of him to think of u & care about u..
    i always think the small little things that matter.. to show someone they really care..

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