Mr. Boyfriend came back the night before but when he called me just now, he’s on his way to Penang again. Something screwed up big time. The memory card of the camera containing the photos of his works got corrupted or something. All the photos are now gone and he needs those photos for his report.

He was in Penang for almost a month and now he has only got a week to re-produce everything. My heart sank when I heard that. I know how hard he was working for the past few weeks and to listen to what just happened was indeed a huge blow.

After hanging up the phone, I went to cook. But as I was beating the egg, the tears just came pouring down. ????!

I know how that sucks. But there’s really no use crying over split milk. I just hope everything goes smoothly for him this time around. Luck isn’t very much on his side lately.

so…Dear Santa, I want nothing else for Christmas. Don’t care if I’d have to spend Christmas alone this year. I just want him to be safe and have his work done in time.

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  1. Your boyfriend seems to be so busy with his work.

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t really matter if the person is not by your side, as long as the heart in you is with him ๐Ÿ™‚

    silent_one’s last blog post..h o l i d a y s

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