No Longer a Virgin

My first proper facial treatment was enjoyable. I was half an hour late for my appointment due to traffic jam. I’m not going on a weekday anymore as traffic along LDP can get quite unpredictable. The beautician did so many things to my face that I couldn’t really remember all the steps. Feeling a little like going for a surgery because you need to lie down and you’ve got lights shining direct towards your face. I cannot see what she’s doing to my face because my eyes is blocked with something (I don’t even know what’s that so that the lights doesn’t hurt my eyes.)

But it is nice. It did hurt when she tried to remove the whiteheads and blackheads from my face and especially my nose. The beautician was quite shocked when I told her I’ve not had facial in years. Was told my face is very dirty and that it’s quite hard to take care of my skin. Mine’s combination skin which means some parts are dry, some parts are oily. I have blemishes and acne too, which means my skin’s sensitive too. I cannot apply greasy moisturiser, yet when I cleanse my face, it gets tight and dry. Something I’ve noticed but don’t really know what to do with it. The beautician suggested me to use a hydrating mask to hydrate the skin. All this while, I’ve been using clariying mask to clear off dirt and oil, which can result in a drier skin perhaps.

For those who have normal skin, I envy you!

About the haircut…it turned out shorter than expected. Next time when you visit the salon, just show them one inch longer of the hair length you desire and you’ll get what you want. Like if you want it slightly above the shoulder length, show them you want it cut until the shoulder length. I expected mine to be slightly above the shoulder length, but it’s not slightly below the ear. Still looks okay though but has brought shock to a few people.

The boyfriend says I look like 29 years old. I hate him. A friend said I looked like my mum. I don’t know what to say. A colleague said I looked very cute. Another colleague said I looked younger. So, people, I’m a little confused.

I wasn’t quite used to it at first but I think I can live with this hairstyle for a few more months or beyond. I know when it grows a little longer, it will be perfect. Washing my hair now is like not washing anything. Yeah, because my previous hair length is long and it takes lots of water and time to wash it off, dry it off and etc. Now, it’s a stress-free routine.

I coloured my hair too though it’s not really noticeable if I don’t tell you I’ve coloured it. It’s a dark brown tone and I like it that way. Not noticeable and yet coloured. Why? Because if it’s too light, Pappy might discover it and he may not like it. Pappy allows me to smoke and drink ( I don’t smoke…and I only drink a teeny bit)…but I’m not allowed to dye my hair. But as always, I sometimes go against him. ๐Ÿ˜€

The hairdresser asked me if I’ve coloured my hair before. I said no.

“Oh, first time?”


“OHHHH ……. VIRGIN~~~~~!”

That was his response. It was funny.

Now that I’ve got my hair coloured, I’m no longer a virgin. ๐Ÿ™‚

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