It’s Been a Week

…since I last wrote something.

I’ve been very busy at work. I mean really busy. Have never been so busy before. Tomorrow’s another cycle of a busy day. And I’ve also been busy spending money. I will only allow it until the end of this month. After that, I’m going to impose myself a ban on withdrawing too much money from the ATM. The shopping mood started since the Christmas mood and then the annual dinner preparation mood and has now prolonged to pre-Chinese New Year mood, giving myself excuse to buy things. After that, I have to reinstall my cooking mood back into myself. Lately I feel like I’m eating junk again.

Anyway, let me tell you what happened the day before yesterday.

I left work earlier to collect the costume which I’ve rented. I wanted to pump petrol before that but I overshot and so I didn’t make it to the Petronas station in Cyberjaya. Since there was still enough fuel to reach home, I decided to just pump it at the Mobil Station near my staying place.

After collecting my costumes and my colleagues’ costumes, I went to Mobil and there was this petrol station attendant who came up to me, asking me if I would like him to “check air” for me. Air as in water. Before this, about a week ago, there was also a petrol station attendant who came up to me and asked me the same thing. But I didn’t let him check it as I thought I just serviced my car. There should be enough oil and coolant. So this time, I just thought, no harm letting him check.

To his shock and much more to mine, my car ran out of coolant. That I must say is very scary and dangerous. He showed me the empty radiator and helped me to fill it up with 3 cans of coolant. Green in colour. Also he helped me to add a little engine oil.

Feeling that something might be wrong, I drove to the service centre yesterday morning to get my car checked. I didn’t want to risk driving to annual dinner at Putrajaya with a leaking radiator. And you know what? There was indeed a leakage on the radiator hose. There was stain below the leakage which was how the service guy detected it.

I’ve been hoping to be one of the top 10 lucky draw winners for the annual dinner but when I found out about the radiator hose. I feel so lucky already that I didn’t mind if I won the lucky draw or not. Imagine me wearing a Spanish dress, getting stuck on the LDP highway with a dried up radiator and burnt engine. That would be quite a scene.

So…I just want to say THANK YOU MOBIL!!

Now let me tell you about my company’s annual dinner which I attended last night. We weren’t expecting everyone to dress up according to this year’s dinner theme so it was really nice and exciting to see almost everyone wearing different kinds of costumes to the dinner.

I had my hair set at the salon. My first time. So I was really excited about it but I wasn’t used to how I look after my hair was set. My colleague said it looks pretty so….I think it looks pretty lah! 🙂

After coming out of the salon, I walked like a fish out of water. Can’t wait to get to the parking basement. Didn’t want people to look at me. I damn perasan I know but I was just shy.

There was not enough time for me to make up properly after that. Just did eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick. Of course make up base and foundation and concealer before that. I’ve never use eyeliner before this so I had to just improvise and try to give myself a good look. Actually this is the first time I’m actually putting make-up on myself, as in proper make-up. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a girl.

The downside about this is that my face looked a bit too fair when taking photos, especially when using flash. I really looked like a ghost. But when you look at me just like that, I look okay. Not too fair. When taking pics under the yellowish light without flash, it looks really good. So…I don’t know what is wrong. Maybe my foundation colour is too light. You see…that happens when you learn make-up in a very last minute.

Anyway, there are still a few good looking photos of me taken even though it is not many. I’ll try to salvage the ones with me looking like a ghost with Photoshop’s Colour Balance tool. A friend asked me to use the Curves tool but I just don’t know how to get a correct tone to adjust the photos.

And guess what? I did win a lucky draw prize. A 3D2N Room Complimentary for 2 Persons in a hotel in Bali worth RM950. Flight ticket is not included though..but I could still try for a cheap ticket from AirAsia. I really hope he can find the time to go with me.

Now let me show you my hair!



Noticed the new header? I know it’s none that you’ve voted for but I wanted “tung tung qiang-ify” my blog with the approaching Chinese New Year.

Thanks to Siah for editing the existing header to a Chinese New Year look. I like it very much. 🙂 Initially wanted to post it up from February onwards but I can’t wait!

Today I actually signed up for a facial treatment package. I’ve never gone for facial treatment on a regular basis. To me, I think once you start going, you will continue to go and it costs money. I’d rather buy a suitable skincare set or spend it on food or clothes…but I’m just a bit sceptical when it comes to facial treatment. It’s like I’m trying to abstain myself from it, even though I really feel like going for one.

There was a promotion going on today and this lady was explaining to me and she managed to talk me into signing up. She wasn’t the very pushy kind. She was nice and has got a face that depicts she’s a kind lady. I felt comfortable talking to her and knowing that she’ll be “managing” me, I gave it a good thought by walking around the shopping mall before committing my decision to sign up.

10 sessions for RM888.

So hopefully, I’ll be able to see results after a few treatments. My skin is sensitive, appears reddish at times, acne-prone and congested, or should I say constipated. All the bad things, they are below the skin. They need to be taken out. And because I’m 26 now, I got to take care of my face before it reaches to a state where it’s hard to cure. I’m getting older you see.

I was a bit sad thinking about the RM888 just now but after I came home, I was feeling very happy and I can’t wait to go for my first facial treatment. 😀

Love Story

Because I’m a Girl

I am tired of calling, so much so that I’ve given up calling him. He doesn’t pick up the phone. I was doing really well. Being unaffected and all. I didn’t shed a tear. I was just pretending I was single and leading the life without him in it.

Today he called out of a sudden. And he called for 6 times before I picked up the call. Don’t get me wrong. The phone was on silent mode and I was driving but I immediately answered when I got my hands off the steering wheel.


If I was alone, I would have shoot back at him. But because I was surrounded with fellow colleagues during lunch. I just let him have this one.

So I answered nicely, “The phone was on silent mode and I was driving out for lunch.”

He called again later at night and I asked him, “WHERE ARE YOU?”

He asked me why I sounded so angry. AHAHAHA


“It’s different. YOU’RE A GIRL.”






Multiple Choice Question

This is a sticky post. Scroll down for new entries.

A reader told me I’m losing direction because my blog is not purple anymore. And with that, I was thinking of adding a purple rabbit on the header. Which one do you prefer?

A) Hide and Seek

B) Self explanatory – Run, Bunny. Run!

C) Run, Bunny. Run! but bunny is not running!

D) Bunny is a carrot

All headers whichever chosen will have a purple-coloured rabbit. The above are just samples. So, please vote, okay?



Scheduled to leave at 6:15pm but received an SMS from a colleague who left office early at about 4:30pm, telling me he’s still stuck in Puchong. The traffic jam starts after Puchong toll and he hasn’t even reached IOI Mall. Must be one hell of a jam I must say.

So I went for dinner with a colleague who had to stay back till 9:30pm,waiting for her boyfriend who had to work late. We had dinner and I sent her back to the office. This time it was already 7:15pm.

Traffic was okay…smooth. After Puchong toll, it was still clear until you could see more cars ahead gradually. There were many cars but it was moving. Heard on the radio that there was an earlier accident in front of Tractors Malaysia that has been cleared. It was slow moving all the way from Sunway toll onwards..and the board said “Trafik Perlahan Sehingga Damansara Utama”. Kelana Jaya was worse..and the board said “Trafik Perlahan Sehingga Bandar Utama”. I think they should have put “Trafik Perlahan Sepanjang Lebuhraya. Sabar, ya?”

So what time did I reach home?

9 o’clock!

It always happen on the eve of a public holiday…and the best part is I’M WORKING TOMORROW!