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There’s something about this purple theme that I love but I can’t specifically pin-point it. So, I’m switching it back to this one until I’m ready to move on to the previous new theme or until I find another theme that is deemed suitable.

Violet is my innate colour. I don’t really understand the term innate colour but I guess it’s a colour which works well with me. is now back to purple!



My neighbour is moving out tomorrow and I’m a little sad. I’ve got a very good neighbour who would keep an eye on my house when I’m away and sometimes keeping an eye on me! 🙂

There will be no more Raya goodies and the laughter of their grand daughter.

I hope I get another good neighbour.

On a side note, Gracie is going to look for a new job. Time for a change and to learn new things and to be exposed to new experiences. I feel so rotten now because I’ve not been learning anything new at work. It feels comfortable now with nothing much to worry but I feel that I need more challenges to train myself to be braver and more confident.

Love Story

Happy Fart

Finally met him again today after 3 long weeks and we had dinner in Kepong.

I’ve been very bitter and angry about him for the past few weeks. So much so that I thought when I meet him today, I would still be in the same mode.

But there’s just something about him, or me, or us, that makes my heart skip a beat by just looking at him after not seeing him for some time. Him holding my hand while he’s driving. Him constantly serving me food when we had dinner, which is what he usually does when we have dinner together.

I looked at him before getting down from the car and he asked what happened to me. I just wanted to look at him because I don’t know how many days or weeks it would take before meeting him again.

He looked at me and farted.

He derives pleasure from farting in my presence.


Up for Some Cool Breeze

Plan to go to Banting with colleagues was cancelled as one was unwell. Was disappointed that I couldn’t pay Dong Zen Fo Guang Shan Temple a visit this Chinese New Year. Maybe next year.

Instead, I went visiting a friend with other friends and out came a sudden plan to drive up to Genting Highlands. I’ve never been up there during the night as usually I’d go during the day so it was quite nice seeing Genting Highlands all lit up from downhill as the car moved up.

Found ourselves a cozy spot at Old Town White Coffee, just opposite the theme park. We sat outside, enjoying the food, drinks and most importantly the breeze and the company of friends.

By the time I reached home at about 2:30am, I was almost wanted to drop dead. I was so sleepy. I immediately fell asleep on the count of 1 as I threw my body onto the bed.

Sometimes I enjoy doing things like that, randomly and unplanned.


CNY Day 14: Lion in the Office

There was CNY lunch and lion dance at the office today. Nice!

After work, I had to drive straight to Orient Express. A pub. Pappy and Mummy were there for Chap Goh Meh eve celebration. There was another lion dance too and roast pork served. Didn’t really enjoy it though as it was smoky and dark and I don’t know. Maybe I was just tired. I never going to places that is filled with smoke. It’s like I’m trapped and I cannot see the world.

I’ve just finish converting Pappy’s BMP format pictures to JPEG format. I’m so tired and irritated, I feel like crying and shouting. It’s a lot of pictures. Took more than an hour to convert them using batch processing. Imagine how long it’ll take if I were to convert it one by one. I had to convert it as the photo centre told Pappy they can’t process pictures in BMP format and that they don’t have a software to convert BMP to JPEG. What kind of a crappy photo centre is that? And why must my Pappy save it in BMP format? arghhhhhhhhhhh

Last day of Chinese New Year tomorrow. After that, it’s no more eating too much, more exercise and becoming a better person, despite being thrown in shitty condition.