Please Be Home for Reunion Dinner, If You Can

I am home for reunion dinner!

Queueing up at the check-in counter of LCCT was a happy one. I’m just happy and excited today that I’m going home. The moment the plane landed at Sandakan Airport and with the air stewardess reporting …” Kita telah mendarat di Lapangan Terbang Sandakan..”, it just felt like heaven.

I met an ex-classmate of mine whom I’ve not seen since we graduated from secondary school. He was just sitting behind me and I only managed to smile at him when we were getting off the plane.

Mummy came to pick me up at the airport and was greeted with a daughter with new short hair style. 🙂

I was expecting Pappy to pick me up as he was more excited about me coming back than I do. He booked a taxi for me a few days before the day I fly, called me when the taxi is already downstairs waiting for me. Called me again while I was checking in at the airport counter. Called me again while I was buying some sandwiches. Called me again while I was lining up to board the plane.

“Grace, you SMS me when you are about to board the plane. Not when they start to line up you know? But when you’re about to board the plane.”



That is not all. Mummy asked me a very funny question in the car.

“So how’s you and D? Steady already?”

“I don’t know.”

“What don’t know. Got kiss?”

“Ya…got. Goodbye kiss.”



Had a nice reunion dinner even though one person is missing. MISS IRIS, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU COME BACK NEXT CHINESE NEW YEAR. I cannot take this anymore. 😛

The neighbour’s kids were having a great time with the fireworks and firecrackers. It was fun and noisy. Really miss the times when I was younger, where Iris and I will be happily lighting the fireworks and Pappy lighting the ones that zooms and explodes in the air.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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