Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Gracie’s open house today! It happens every first day of Chinese New Year. Crowd is lesser this year, same as last year because Iris is not back and thus her bunch of friends didn’t come to visit.

But nonetheless, having open house instills the festive mood. I put on my read and white floral dress which I liked very much. The hair wasn’t cooperative today though. One side was flying out and there was nothing I could do. Mummy kept looking at my hair and laugh. Pappy said don’t bother, it’s a new hairstyle. Short and sassy. Oooohhhh.. Haha!

A few of my friends came over, as well as my parents’ friends and staff.

Only 1 lion came to visit the house today. Well, at least there is one. I was still in my pyjamas when it came.

At night, Pappy organised another open house at the tennis club. There was lion dance performance. Lion was in pink.

One thing we missed doing was taking a family photo on the first day of Chinese New Year like we always do. We were just too busy serving guests and was all tired at the end of the day. Another thing missed doing was the tea ceremony. Every year, we would pour a cup of tea for our parents, wishing them health. That would be done tomorrow.


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