CNY Day 2: Roast Pig and Kung Fu Dunk

First day of Chinese New Year was spent at home, with people visiting our house. Second day was spent visiting other people’s home. All our relatives are in West Malaysia and thus I’ve never once visited any relatives during Chinese New Year throughout these 20 over years. So, today I followed my parents to visit their friends.

There is only one car at home in Sandakan now so I couldn’t just drive to where I wish to. And even if I wanted to, I can’t. Pappy’s car is a company car and so you need a GDL license before you could it.

There was roast pig! 🙂

You could see adults and children taking pictures of it with their cameras and mobile phones. Even the man had to give way and gave us some moment to snap all the pictures we want before he chopped up the poor piggie.

It was so crunchy and delicious. While worth the wait. We finished our lunch at 12 something but the roast pig would only come at 1:30pm. We patiently waited for it!

We went to visit another friend of Mummy’s after that but Pappy and I left earlier as we were bored.

Dinner was at another open house and this time they had roast lamb. No pics though because by the time we reached, the lamb was almost finished. We then adjourned to 7 Heaven because there’ll be lion dance performance. This was the cutest lion dance performance of the year by Man Woo Association.

There was another lion dance performance a few shops away from 7 Heaven Cafe so Mummy and I walked quickly to the other side before it ended. It was a glow in the dark lion dance performance. I like this very much. Twin lions, performing and then lighting fireworks on the pillars. Nice!

The day didn’t just end here. I went for movies after that at Star Cineplex Sandakan. My first time to this Cineplex which opened around last year. A friend won in gambling and decided to give his friends a treat. I was one of them. This friend of mine is a junior friend, as in younger than me by 2 or 3 years. My friends are either 1-2 years older, same age or a few years younger. Most of them are younger, I have no idea why but sometimes it’s nice to be with younger people.

We watched Kung Fu Dunk and it was okay. Not too bad.

I’m already heavier by 2 kg today. Shocking indeed. I just weighed myself before I flew back and weighed myself again when I arrived in Sandakan. 2 kg of difference. I must have eaten too much! Hehe.

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