First of March

Today’s a very fun day. Had a 4-hour karaoke session with my colleagues, celebrating birthday for one of them. I just enjoyed today very much. It felt like I’ve not had fun like this for a long time.

Today’s also our first year anniversary. The boyfriend and I. We didn’t started off with an official date to remember to be exact…so it’s quite hard to pin-point which day we got together. So I’m setting it as 1st of March as it is one day after I met with a car accident last year that we met each other again. He helped me out with stuff after the accident, which was how things began to pick up from there, again.

I wasn’t expecting anything today because I know he doesn’t know or remember when we actually started so all I did today was to notify him through SMS that today we have been together for a year.

His birthday is a few days away so I got him something today. I crack my head a lot everytime I get a present for a guy because it’s just so hard to get something for a guy lah! And I always end up buying the same things. Apparel.

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