Not a Very Good Day

I haven’t been writing as I was spending time with Mum and I was also spending time worrying about him.

He called me yesterday at 2am, to tell me his arm is dislocated and broken. And that he’s driving alone to the hospital. That was enough to put me into worry and much to my disbelief, he told me he’s in Melaka. He never told me he was working for a few days in Melaka so I was both angry, worried and everything la!

He kept telling me he was in pain. There was nothing that I could do except to be more worried. And the fact that I had to take in all this info in my sleepy and blurry state at 2 in the morning doesn’t help. I lied awake after that and shed some tears. You just don’t know what it is like imagining and wondering if he’s okay.

He never called back after that, even though I told him to tell me once he reaches the hospital safely.

He never answered my calls nor replied to my SMSes which I sent the next morning and for the whole day. I was totally going insane!!!

I broke the news to Mummy in the morning while I was having breakfast, who was then worried about me worrying about him. And on the day she flew back to Sandakan, my tears just couldn’t hold back anymore as I closed the door and walked down the stairs to get my car, to get off to work. I suddenly missed her so much and at the same time, still worried about the boyfriend who is nowhere to be heard.

He finally called in the afternoon the next day, telling me he has reached KL. Drove back on his own again. I don’t know why he always like to act macho. Driving with only just one hand. I scolded him after that even though he has a cracked elbow. I mean what’s the point of calling me at 2 in the morning, telling me that you broke your hand and then decided not to answer the phone at all the next day? And that the reason for him not answering is because he was in a bad mood?

Am I in such a fun mood to worry for him the whole day?

He’s really testing my patience and I’ve told him I don’t know what I’ll do the next time he does this to me again. And I just had to insert a hurtful remark that I’m not going to call him if ever I met with an accident or I need help if he doesn’t the answer the phone because it’s just going to be a sad case. Imagine calling for help to someone you love, yet it’s fallen on deaf ears.

Anyway, the night he broke his elbow was also his birthday. I managed to insert a “Happy Birthday” just before the 2am call ended. I just had a feeling that if I didn’t say it, I will not have a chance to say it. And it’s true, with the fact that him not answering my calls.

Now that he’s back, he even went to work again, making me even madder. He came to visit me after that ( I was supposed to visit him actually but because he’s not at home, I can’t) and I gave him his birthday present and we had dinner at home together. Sounds okay again but I’m just not too sure.

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  1. Please forgive me if I’ve said anything offending in this comment, but it’s just a piece of mind from me.

    I feel that there is a lot of problem arising in the relationship between you and him (I’m sure you’ve noticed that early enough). And I’m pretty sure he’s been through a lot of crap stuffs from his side, what’s more, he has a job that requires frequent travelling and does not have much time to be with you. My suggestion is to get him to sit down together, discuss the problems arising between both of you, and hopefully settle some major issues and discomfort before the love link fades away in thin air.

    Sorry again if I’ve been too direct. All the best; I know you are a strong young lady.

    littlebro’s last blog post..u n e x p e c t e d

  2. Don’t say sorry. I know there are issues that need to be ironed out. There hasn’t been a good chance that I could actually sit down and have a discussion with him. It’s hard even to meet up sometimes. It has been a pretty hard time for him dealing with problems at work, problems in his family but of course that’s no excuse of not letting him acknowledge that there are problems in this relationship as well.

    Like I said, I”ll try to make it work.

    Thank you littlebro.

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