I was absolutely happy and excited when I hear this song from Leo Ku’s new album. I loved his Cantonese version of ????. Now there’s ????2 which is in Mandarin. It’s very nice!

Leo Ku, I love you!

????2 – ???

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Charlene, do you still remember us singing this song during our karaoke session? It feels so good singing a 10-minute song, with the ??????????????????????????????????!!

4 responses to “????”

  1. Gracie,

    Thanks for telling me, I am gonna listen to this for weeks I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is really nice and I still love the cantonese version.

    We must learn and sing this very well okie? So when I am back there on October, we will have another karaoke session and we will make sure we never miss two of these songs. Love ya always gracie!

    Take care like you always do okie? Muacks.

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  2. Although I’m not chinese educated and didn’t know how to read a single word of mandarin, but the canto version of this song is one of the few songs I’ll definitely sing when I’m in karaoke. Maybe next time, if I’m not too disturbing, you can call me along to karaoke, just for this song? :d

    Anyways, Grace, can you send me this song or the link for it(????2) to my mail? Thanks!

    littlebro’s last blog post..f a t i g u e — a g a i n.

  3. littlebro: You are so funny! :)) I love this song for karaoke session as well. The last time I sang this, the 4 mics were meant to be rotated among all of us there but I was bad, I held on to 1 mic to myself because I wanted to finished the whole song.

    The link to his new album is: http://www.haoting.com/musiclist/ht_fb7ee832a2f75743.htm

    Alternatively, you can just paste this link to IE. Doesn’t work with Firefox. So remember to play it with IE. It should automatically play the song.

    haoting.com is my source of music. ๐Ÿ™‚

    charlene: I’m already practising it now so by the time you come back, it should sound perfect! Haha! Please blog okay? I wanna read your stories.

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