What do you do when you attend a second interview and you’re being offered the job on the spot? And they want you to start immediately, as in go in the next working day, resign and ask if you can leave in less than 7 days? Because if you don’t, you may not have the job because they can’t wait for you?

And at the same time, you don’t hate your current job that you want to quit in an instance…and actually for the first time, you wanted to make a proper exit by leaving 30 days later..or maybe slightly earlier. But definitely not extremely early.

But at the same time (This is the main reason I would say), you’re still waiting and hoping for other offers that you will know the answer to in just a few more days?

Especially so for a job that may not pay as well as the others (but then who knows? but then that’s not the point why I like the job) that I’ve been dreaming day and night that I wish I will get it? Occasionally walking up to your mum and telling her…”MUM, I WANT THIS!! HOW? I DIDN’T THINK I DID WELL ENOUGH TO LEAVE A VERY GOOD IMPRESSION.”

What do you do?

You go for a haircut for a hair that’s already short, stare blankly at the sky…hoping that God will drop that dream job of yours from the sky.


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