Today is the first time that I actually declined a job offer. I’ve never done this before. I have only declined attending job interviews when I have already a job back then.

Some would say what is so hard of rejecting an offer but for me, there’s this feeling of me feeling bad for rejecting and all that crap. But then, it is something I have to do if I don’t really feel good about accepting an offer after putting in much thought and consideration.

I know I have been talking to some of you and those who have been “bothered” by me may go wondering, “What’s wrong with this lady?” But I really thank you .. for listening to me even though maybe sometimes it might get a little boring listening to my stories. And let me warn you, I’ll still need to borrow your ears..and I hope you’d be kind enough to lend it to me.

I just cannot keep problems to myself. I don’t expect someone to solve all the problems for me..because that’s just impossible but I do like to share, talk it out and gather some opinions. And even if I decide to keep a problem to myself, it gets bottled up and subsequently, it still needs to get out from my heart to my mouth and to your ears. Of course, I would then choose to only disclose to people who would not laugh at me and my problems.

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