Another Call

I received a call from a company which I declined the 2nd interview, again asking me to reconsider my decision.

My intention is not to brag but I really do appreciate the call that I get, especially so when the manager told me she doesn’t usually do this to those who have rejected the job or interview but she just felt that we clicked and that she liked my attitude and thinks I have the potential to take on the job. While I, on the other hand, didn’t think I was suitable for the job and don’t have much confidence.

The reason I’m documenting my job hunt this time around is I want to remember what people have told me.

And because I’ve gotten 2 phone calls like these, it made me feel happy and bad at the same time. I’m happy that they have the confidence in me. I feel bad because it feels like opportunity is knocking on my door but I’m not opening the door. Trust me, I hate rejecting offers.

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