Macarena Macaroni

I’ve decided to make way for another category for my blog, dedicated to my entries on braces. It’s called “Bracie Gracie”. Out of the 6 days that I’ve been wearing braces, I’ve wrote 5 related braces entries, so I really do need to have a category for that to document and collect my braces journey.

It feels much better today and I think I can chew a little more as compared to the past few days. Lunch it was Bubur Ayam McD because a few of my colleagues wanted to give me a farewell so it was just a simple lunch with the 5 of us. For dinner, I had macaroni. It just came to my mind while I was driving home and because there was no parking near the mini market. I just went home, parked my car then walked out to get my macaroni and Prego sauce, and some potatoes, for future mashed potatoes making session.

Did a demo and training at work to the whole department. Never done this before, at least to the crowd of my department. More so, now that I’m with my braces..sometimes it feels like I can’t pronounce certain words properly. Like whenever I say the word “F”, you can hear a slight sound of wind blowing at the end of me pronouncing the word. Maybe it’s a good thing, I don’t get to say the authentic 4 letter vulgar word starting with F because it sounds too cool to be considered a foul word, if it were to come out from my mouth with braces.

Anyway, before putting on the braces, I always thought there was only one kind of braces. When my sister got hers two years ago, she had this elastic band across her teeth and after every appointment with her dentist, she comes back with different colours of elastic band and proudly telling me that the dentist even let her choose the colour she preferred. So I thought since when did braces get so fashionable?

I don’t know what is the name of her braces and I don’t think she knows as well, considering the fact that she never once mentioned about it. I didn’t go to the same dentist as she did because my instincts just wanted me to stay loyal to my current dentist. Mine is known as the Damon System. The dentist gave me the brochure when he suggested that I consider braces. I did not take action, until about a year later, which is now.

So whenever I feel that putting braces is a pain, I would always visit the website and read the good things about this Damon thing. I managed to find a short clip that shows you how it works. Like magic I would say!


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