Xixili Warehouse Sale

…is very crowded and filled with women of all bra sizes BUT worth every sweat dropped and every penny spent!

I was there this morning. Had earlier invited a friend to join me for bra-hunting but she wasn’t free so I was left alone and I’m just so not going to give this sale a miss. It happened at a very right time as I was planning to buy some lingerie for myself. The warehouse sale starts at 10am and I was there around 10:15-10:20am and oh my, the place was sardine-packed.

Maybe everyone was thinking the same, go early to get good deals and more choices and perhaps more sizes available.

I got myself 6 bras and 5 panties. Bras cost about RM15 – RM 35. For some reason, I love the cheapest RM15 bra that I got the most. Simple and does the work. Panties are very comfy and it goes from as low as RM 8 to RM 10..some RM 20. If there were more of my sizes, I would have bought more. I got what I could grab and then counted the total cost. It has to be lower than RM250 because that was the amount I allowed myseld to spend on and I’m a very good girl, I got 11 items for RM221. Average would be RM20 per piece. Ok ma right?

No fitting room available. I can see why. Should there be fitting rooms, it would have been more of a disaster. But for people who have not bought Xixili bras before, it would be a risky buy since you wouldn’t know if the bra cut and size would fit you well. As for me, I’ve got 2 Xixili bras before this so I know my size and what to look for, which is why I was there at the warehouse sale at the very first place.  🙂

I love their bras. Fits me very well I would say and very comfy. Have never tried their panties though but by the look of it, it makes me feel so comfortable already.

I was done squeezing among the crowd, choosing and grabbing by 11:10am but I only managed to pay at 12 noon. That was how long the queue was or I should say the number of bras bought per person. If you think mine is a lot, you should have seen the number of bras the others were getting. Some had to store it in a box. hehe.

A guy was queueing up behind me while his girl went to get more bras. I think he was rather impatient but I do appreciate his patience or willingness at a minimum level to queue up among the ladies. Not every guy will do that. Not in a lingerie sale. He was sighing from time to time. Why? Because I could feel his breath blowing towards me.

Anyway, today I got my first bra that opens in the front. Only realised it when I came back home.

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  1. Oooo…where was the warehouse sales? I’m in need to get new set of lingeries too. :d

    I personally prefer La Senza but I think I might have to hunt around a little these days as they don’t seem to fit me as well anymore.

    gracieqs last blog post..A poorer country

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