I went to have my favourite soya bean after work, just to mengubat my rindu of that particular soya bean. Didn’t taste as nice as it used to though. Called Mummy and Pappy while I was sipping alone. I talked to Pappy for quite a long time, considering that our conversation wouldn’t normally last long over the phone.

Today I woke up still dreaming about the dream I had last night. You know how sometimes we are the ones who direct how the dreams unfold? Sometimes, even when I’ve opened my eyes after being awake, the dream still lingers on. It wasn’t a good dream. It was quite inhumane really. Scary. It felt like I was dreaming the whole night.

I then flipped open a book to continue where I stopped last night. Have been reading for the past one week, a book which Pappy gave me on my last birthday. A chic lit book or something like that.. if it is to be categorised. Imagine Pappy getting that kind of book for me and he doesn’t really know if I would like it. Or he thought I will like it because he gave it to me. Anyway, it’s an interesting read. It’s His ‘N’ Hers by Mike Gayle, a UK novelist. I hope I’ll be able to finish it off before my next birthday. But you know what? I think I can finish reading it tonight.

Went karaoke again today in conjunction with an ex-colleague’s birthday. Dinner at Pasta de Gohan, Sunway Pyramid. Very nice if you like pasta in the Japanese kind of way. It reminds me of Pasta Zanmai, similar concept. Portion wise, I think Pasta Zanmai has got a bigger serving. Choice wise, maybe Pasta de Gohan provides more. But I like both the same.

I’m bored. I want to read.


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