I am a Fish

I just felt like swimming today and I did. My first time swimming since I had my short hair. Nice.

It was quiet. Only a kiddo that was swimming at the kiddo’s pool while her mother was chatting with another friend. As it got darker, another uncle came to join me at the pool. Then I left after about half an hour, after completing 7 laps. An achievement! because the last time I did 7 laps was a hundred years ago. Now I’d have to set a standard for myself. Since I went with 7 laps today, it would need to be at least 7 laps the next round. Or just 7 laps but faster and preferably with less-panting.

I really would like to make this a habit. One thing’s for sure, it’s hard to get me to exercise and stick to it. So far, the only thing I’m happy with myself is that I have been religiously taking oats as breakfast. I try to fill in as much as I can into that hot mug of mine and now I’ve been thinking to change to a bigger mug, more like a soup mug so that I have more of it…and won’t get hungry too fast before lunch.

And now I’m always telling myself to be lying on the bed the latest by 10:30pm. I can read on the bed after that but I must..must be on the bed by 10:30pm so that if I decide to read, maybe I’ll fall asleep the latest by 11pm. I have to get up by 6:30am now that I’m having breakfast at home instead of at work when I was working at the old place. I’m a bit slow in the morning. Like I need the phone to wake up me at 6am then I’ll laze about until 6:30am and I would feel so satisfied that I managed to steal 30 minutes of extra sleep. It’s easier to wake up when you give me a buffer of say 10-15 minutes.

Then you also need to give me some buffer in the toilet because sometimes I’ll sit on the toilet bowl and daydream. I must say daydreaming in the toilet is one of the nicest things to do in the morning. Then it’s the usual brushing, washing face. If I’m hardworking, I would have my dressing plan the night before but if I’m lazy, you’ll see rummaging through the wardrobe, thinking of what to wear. The problem with ladies is that even if they have a huge wardrobe, they still don’t see a thing to wear.

Then it’s breakfast time and I’m off to go.

And now I’m off to go wash my swimming suit, wash the dishes and iron my clothes in 15 minutes because it is already 10:15pm and I need to be on the bed by 10:30pm.

Mummy just called. Okay another 3 minutes gone.


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