Random Nonsense

Went for a dip again today. I’m such a good girl. Did 8 laps. I must get something pleasant for myself for swimming for 2 times in 3 days and as a motivation to swim more in the coming days so that I can always get something pleasant for myself. hehe

Feel like going shopping. I want to get some pants. New work place = Very cold. Want to wrap up a bit. But still wearing my skirts and when wearing so, must pretend one self is in Sahara…because it’s really cold. Starting to get immune and accustomed to cold aircon. If I had a choice, I’d prefer my blanket.

Been trying to finish reading my RSS feeds but it keeps accumulating. Now there’s 195 items unread. Yea, I don’t know why I’m so greedy. I want to read everybody’s. Well, maybe 40% of the feeds are those of news snippet from The Star. Used to browse through the news online last time, now don’t really have the chance to do it yet..since I really wanna focus during work. Kononnya, I’m very hardworking. I think all this “noodle” stuff appearing lately is disgusting and that our country is very dramatic. Macam-macam cerita ada. Don’t you find yourself reading news nowadays and let out a faint laugh?

Previous job requires not much of my brains. Now this one requires more of my brains until sometimes I also tak biasa, kena switch mode but I like it that way. One should always seek for something harder and challenging to stimulate and exercise the brain when we are still young. When it comes to learning new things, I enjoy it very much.

It can be that… I learnt that cats can scream very loudly by just staring at each other for a very long time and then falling into the drain together. Thought they were fighting but after falling into the drain, no sound pula. Must be doing something very naughty down there.

I also learnt that lizards can fake and freeze themselves. There was one who did that in the kitchen yesterday. Played dead, hoping I’ll believe it. Mr. Lizzie, stop playing around with me.

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