Total Damage Done

I foresee challenging work days ahead. Wasn’t expecting to meet them that soon but yea, it’s here before I know it.

And with that, I had to have a good weekend. After work on Friday, a friend asked if I wanted to go yamcha with her. I said I could do dinner. We went for dinner at Face to Face Pan Mee, Damansara Uptown then continued our session at Starbucks Coffee. I’m not so much of a Coffee Bean, Starbucks Coffee kind of person. Maybe I’ll visit them twice in a year. We yakked and yakked until the cows come home, close to 1am. I only got to sleep at 3am because I was talking to someone online when I got home.

When I woke up and was chatting with another friend whom I exchanged SMS while still hugging Ducky on the bed, I just wanted so much to listen to Sheila Majid’s Sinaran. So I popped in Sheila Majid’s CD and repeatedly played Sinaran.

Then, met up with another friend and we discovered that today’s the start of the Mega Sale when we were in the shopping mall having lunch, which only meant one thing. SHOPPING! 😀

A pair of shoes. Love it very much because I’ve been looking for this particular sort for years. I’m very fussy when it comes to shoes so when I see something that I can fall in love with, I will buy it. My feet hurt pretty easily when I wear covered shoes. The one I got today was comfy and it’s red. Gives a very nice striking match when wearing with jeans. I feel like sleeping with the shoes tonight. How?

One dress. Already paid the cashier for two tops but when I turned around and saw that dress on the mannequin. I know I will go back home thinking of the dress if I didn’t buy it. It’s nice lor. So nice that I was flipping the dress while I had it on in the fitting room and asked myself why I am so beautiful. *You are allowed to puke at this juncture.*

Working pants. I only buy working pants from Comma because cutting fits me but size of pants must be L. Yea, usually I’d wear M or sometimes S. But the pants from Comma, I got to wear L.

The next hardest thing for me to buy is jeans. Low cut jeans don’t really do me justice. If I wear them standing up, it’s fine. But when I sit down, the nightmare starts. Don’t know how to explain. And it’s so hard to get jeans that are not low-cut nowadays. Suddenly realized butt is bigger now. Waist might still be the same so when getting jeans, I have to make sure it goes up the hips but when it does, there’s more space than needed at the back of my waist when the jeans is totally up. Get what I mean? What do I need to do? SWIM MORE! And maybe continue to look for my dream jeans.

Steamed Chocolate Cake from Nyonya Colours, makes me very happy but I got upset with myself when I totally forgot about it and I was so craving to eat a slice of cake that I went to the nearest Secret Recipe when I was driving home and got myself a Chocolate Cheese cake 10 minutes before they close and then to realize that I have my STEAMED CHOCOLATE CAKE still lying amidst the shopping bags. Steamed Chocolate Cake, I’m sorry for not fulfilling my duty to eat you today because when I finished that slice of Chocolate Cheese, there was no way I can put in more chocolate in my mouth. I’ll have you for breakfast tomorrow, I promise.

Before the Chocolate Cheese, I was in Mid Valley, meeting up with an ex-colleague whom I had dinner with and received my first birthday present for the year. Another handphone holder but it’s alright because I can have one at home and one at the office. This one stays at home. And like I’ve said before, people like to buy me toys.

I got myself a lot of birthday presents for myself too. Total damage done today, about RM300.

I’ve got another shopping session tomorrow but don’t think I’ll be going because I do not want to risk getting stuck in a horrifying jam where “one million people” will be protesting at the stadium. At least, that would refrain myself from spending too much money.

But then again, I was very happy with the damage done.

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