One Year Wiser, I Hope

Thank you Number_Six for calling me at 11 something last night because you said you want to be the first to wish me.

Thank you to my sister, Iris, for calling from UK at the strike of 12 midnight..when I was already sleeping.

No SMS when I woke up so I know I’m not that popular anymore. ๐Ÿ˜›

Charlene from Australia called while I was driving to work. Thank you darling!

Thank you to my ex-colleague Rachel for her SMS.

Thank you to those who dropped their birthday wishes here. Ying, liang mui, Charlene (again!), silent_one. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to my insurance agent for wishing me too.

Thank you to Anis, my ex ex-colleague cum toilet buddy who still remembers my birthday. I wasn’t expecting to get an SMS from her today.

Thank you Annie, Nathan, Vanessa and my auntie for their SMSes too this morning. And yes, Mummy and Pappy.

Thank you to Jon for his offline MSN messages.

Thank you to one of the ex-boyfriend who personally called me while I was at work. I was actually starting to get a little bit emotional because this guy has never failed to call me despite us breaking up ages ago. And with that, it reminded me of the boyfriend whom as predicted forgot my birthday. No call from him even though I left him a message telling him off that it’s my birthday and he totally forgot about it. I also expected no reply anyway.

I know I have been telling myself not to feel too affected by this but it would be a lie to say that I’m not a single bit affected. Of course, there’s a tinge of sadness and I went to the toilet to calm down after the ex called and it suddenly brought up so many emotions. I feel a need to cry but I really hope not to cry on my birthday..but I don’t know how long I can hang’ll try la ok.

If you think being single is sad, I don’t think so. It’s being in my situation where you are in a relationship but you are not that is pathetic. Don’t want to ask why he’s like that. I don’t know why and I can never understand why he’s just got to be so damn cold to that extent.

I sometimes wish for a backspace button to delete the bad relationships.

Okie, I shouldn’t rant too much on the birthday. Just want to say thank you again and oh ya, to those who left me birthday wishes at Facebook.

Work is getting more challenging that I was staring at the PC and wondering how I’m going to cope with this. I’m going to deal with it starting tomorrow. Today I’m just going to give myself a little break because it’s my birthday. Learning curve is steep as compared to before. I wanted challenges, so this is it.

On how I feel being a year older, I still think I’m lucky despite not having a happy relationship. Well, at least I have a loving family, caring friends and people who have never forgotten about me. I should really count the blessings. Perhaps God wants me to meet a few wrong ones before I meet the right one. I know I will meet him. I know we’ll be very happy together. I think it’s not too far away but it’s not very near either. I don’t know if you ever feel a very strong urge to love someone. I feel a lot like that lately. It’s like one of my purpose in life is to love someone wholeheartedly.

Happy Birthday Gracie. I love you for who you are.

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  1. Hi Gracie-jie, happy birthday to you.

    Have been busying since May till now July and moving into new house now, waiting for internet to come muahaha! That’s why I rarely get into my own blog or reading a blog now. Still I hope to hear from you, even via blog. My apology for this super duper late birthday wish and I wish you have had your wonderful birthday with family and friends.

    Stay coooool and take care xoxo ๐Ÿ˜ก

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