One Month Already

Yup, that’s how long or short I’ve got my braces put on.

The most obvious change is that now I don’t have half a bunny tooth anymore. I used to have one tooth that is slightly jotting out. Now it’s aligned with the other front tooth. I wasn’t expecting to see any obvious changes that fast so I’m happy with what I saw. And if one month can do that bit, think about what it’ll do in one and a half years.

I discovered someone else who also brushes her teeth after lunch in the toilet. I don’t know her though. Either someone in my company or someone from another company. Suddenly I feel normal lor. Before this, I think I used to get stares lah.

I still can’t bite some food. For example, Chipsmore. Hard. Satay. Hard for today. Food that I need to bite off with my front tooth with more force. Cannot. Most of the time I bite side ways because the teeth are stronger at the sides.

I would like to thank my tongue because it helps to save me from embarrasing moments, especially after a meal. Most of the time it works but it doesn’t work all the time. Some items just get stuck so maybe the next thing I would like to thank….is the toilet and mirror.

I’m talking crap now .. I should go to bed.

3 responses to “One Month Already”

  1. zewt: I don’t think a girl with braces looks kissable so the chance of that happening is minimal. πŸ˜€

    gracieq: I have a compact mirror so I’d do a quick check when no one’s really looking. Thanks for your birthday wishes. πŸ™‚

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