Kerusi dan Meja

I love my work desk. And I mean it.

It’s spacious, curved in the middle so that you feel more comfortable sitting in front of the monitor.

I love my chair too. I normally lean back and push the chair as close as I can towards the desk. Then, I pretend to work professionally.

I’m beginning to love my colleagues too. A few that I’m beginning to get closer with. I don’t feel so lost now as compared to the first week.

Most important thing of all, I’ve got my lunch gang already!!!

4 responses to “Kerusi dan Meja”

  1. We used to have name tag sticked onto the chair, cubicle, PCs…Hehe. I wonder they still do this…If you can, please look for my ex-property and see they are still there. πŸ™‚

  2. liang_mui: Yea.. πŸ™‚

    gracieq: Definitely!

    charlene: No more name tag on the chair, only on the monitors but I can’t see your name. But I’m reading functional specification that was written by you.

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