Mari Kita Mengarang

Hari ni saya ada kawan baru lagi. Dia orang baru yang datang hari ni. Seperti biasa, aku tak tahan dan mesti berkenalan dengan orang baru sebab saya rasa orang baru perlu diberi rasa kepunyaan pada hari pertama kerja. Saya juga mengajak dia makan bersama masa tengahari jika dia sudi esok atau pada hari yang berikutan. Nak makan bersama ke tak pun tidak apa, yang pentingnya, saya sudah bertanya. Saya faham benar perasaan makan berseorangan pada hari pertama kerja. Sunyi dan sepi. Pernah mencuba dulu masa pertama kali bekerja dan tidak mahu melaluinya lagi.

Saya bukannya takut makan seorang. Kekadang saya suka sangat menikmati masa makan seorangan di rumah. Nak letak kaki sini ke, sana ke, nak baring makan ke, nak jilat jari ke, nak makan dengan kaki kangkang ke, suka hati. Tapi kalau kat luar, saya lebih gemar jika ada teman.

Kita juga sama-sama menurun tangga dari tingkat lima ke tingkat bawah sebab lif rosak. Kita kemudiannya sama-sama berjalan ke tempat letak kereta. Saya rasa umurnya tak sebaya dengan saya. Mungkin tua sikit kot. Tapi tidak menjadi masalah sebab saya ni kan peramah? Hahahahaa.

Tanya pasal umur ni bagi sesetengah perempuan agak sensitif. Tapi bagi saya okay, kalau ada orang tanya umur saya, saya bagi tahu aje. Bukannya ada apa-apa. Aku bangga dengan umur saya ni yang dalam lingkungan umur 20-30. Umur ni banyak pasal self-discovery. Minta maaf, tak terlintas minda apa dia perkataan dalam Bahasa Malaysia untuk self-discovery.

Saya juga suka bekerja. Masa kerja, dapat menimba ilmu, melihat pelbagai ragam manusia yang kadang-kadang comel dan ada kalanya buat leher macam rasa tercekik maksimum, memakai baju formal/casual yang lawa-lawa, dan yang paling penting sekali, dapat gaji masa akhir bulan. Dalam setahun, pasti ada 12 hari yang buat anda rasa gembira. Kenapa? Sebab masuk gaji lah!

Adik dah mengantuk ni. Sekian sahaja buat kali ni. Kita bersambung esok.

Selamat malam dan salam sejahtera.

1st Appointment

Went to have my first “official” appointment with the dentist after I’ve gotten the braces because the last time I went, it was exactly one week after he put on the braces for me and all he did was to check if I’m doing okay. So this time around I was expecting it to be long and maybe painful but it was so fast, I wanted to ask the dentist why it is so fast.

He said it is progressing well and he’d just change the wire into a harder one and I won’t be able to feel it…I mean any pain.

Yeah, so now, I’ve gotten used to the braces. The only time I hate it is after meals but it depends on what I eat. My tongue…is getting well trained day by day. It is good in wiping off the leftovers that I have on my braces/teeth in cases where brushing is not convenient. So if ever you find me very quiet after a meal, please understand that it is not that I do not like to talk to you but because I think I have something stuck that might scare you away when I open my mouth too wide.

A friend told me that she enjoyed and missed the days when she had her braces on. I don’t know if I’ll miss the days when I finally get the braces off but I know it is a process I’d have to go through for a better future.

Ya. I don’t know if I’ve ever written about this but let me tell you that, somewhere sometime ago, I read that your set of teeth tells much about your life. For example, if your set of teeth is berliku-liku, your life is also berliku-liku. That is not the sole reason why I went for braces. But I’m just writing this so that each time I think about how troublesome this braces thing is, I will remind myself that my future-straight-set-of-teeth will do me some good.

Road Block Again!

Early in the morning, I’ve already got a headache. Another unexpected traffic jam just as I come out of my housing area. The first thing that came to my mind wasn’t the possibility of a car accident..but I came to think about Mr. A and his supporters. And I was right. ANOTHER ROAD BLOCK. Along Sprint Highway, opposite of Eastin Hotel. Instead of just blocking one lane like they did the other day, today they blocked TWO lanes and I was LATE TO WORK. I drove for ONE HOUR which what could have took only 30 MINUTES.

Tomorrow I’ve got to wake up earlier because I don’t know if there will be another road block. Sometimes I don’t understand how blocking a road would help deter a protest. I mean people can still go through the hassle of a traffic jam and still can gather and protest, right? Can someone please tell me how a road block can help break a protest? Does the car of a protester look any different than the rest of the cars? Or can the police recognise the protesters by looking at the drivers? Trust me, the police aren’t even looking.

Enough of rant.

Other than the road block, I had quite a fun day. A treasure hunt session at one of the malls. Now I’ve got a pair of sore legs. Then, dinner session with two friends, which was nice.

And now I’m very sleepy. So good night and may you have a rockin’ Friday!

Kerusi dan Meja

I love my work desk. And I mean it.

It’s spacious, curved in the middle so that you feel more comfortable sitting in front of the monitor.

I love my chair too. I normally lean back and push the chair as close as I can towards the desk. Then, I pretend to work professionally.

I’m beginning to love my colleagues too. A few that I’m beginning to get closer with. I don’t feel so lost now as compared to the first week.

Most important thing of all, I’ve got my lunch gang already!!!

Block Here and There

Guess some of you are caught in the wonderful traffic jam today. I was affected too but it wasn’t too bad. Only encountered one road block along Sprint highway, in front of Eastin Hotel on my way to work. I don’t know what’s the point of this also since the police aren’t really looking at the cars. They are just there. Coming back from work was worse. This time I was driving along LDP, it was okay until I reach Kelana Jaya. I know the traffic jam always start at this stretch onwards but today it just felt like there were more cars, traffic was slower. Just not my day.

Luckily I wasn’t late for work but I might want to consider leaving for work earlier tomorrow. Who knows if there’s going to be another roadblock!