Crap is the New Crab

I was already late because I decided to shit when I was standing outside of the door. I went back in and did my big business and I was thankful that I did it because there was a traffic jam today due to the road block again. I would have cried and shitted in the car should I decided to drive to work and then shit there.  I don’t know how many times they want to do this road block thing. Road block seems to be the in thing lately.

So, I was late to work again.

Nothing special today. No cute guys in sight.

I’m looking forward to watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony tomorrow night. Think it’s going to be awesome. I don’t remember sitting down and actually finish watching any Olympic opening or closing ceremony from the start to the end. This time I want to make sure I watch it. What’s nice this time is that Beijing and Malaysia share the same time zone so we’ll get to watch it at 8:08pm as well.

I’m not going to work late tomorrow. I’ve put in extra one hour each day this week. It is very much needed and I still think it isn’t enough to cover what I need to cover. I’ve got a lot to learn. I’ve been training my brain to act like a sponge since the first day of my work. Maybe I will just go early tomorrow and then leave on time.

My braces. They are 2 months old!

Anyway, remember to do something special should you decide not to catch the Olympics opening ceremony tomorrow night. 2008 08 08 8:08pm is such a defining moment not to do anything special. For me, I’ll either have a hot cup of Boh Tea, accompanied with the television, I might drag Ducky along with me to the TV set and maybe stitch Bebeki back. She’s still lying on the sofa, with her stomach unstitch. Maybe I should get a picture of her so that you can stop imagine how she’s doing with her stomach being unstitched.

OMG, the amount of crap I wrote today!

2 responses to “Crap is the New Crab”

  1. Drinks – Check!
    Snacks – Check!
    Blanket – Check!
    Passion – Check!
    I’m so set to watch the game! :d/

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